4 Free PDF Converters Recommended by GogoPDF for Managing PDFs

By Guest Author | PDF converters | June 21, 2021

GogoPDF’s timely and convenient assistance solves almost all your PDF file difficulties right away since GogoPDF is online software that can aid you with everything pertaining to PDF files. Thus, this software can make your life easier and more efficient while working with such files and making them more accessible.

Word to PDF

Most individuals utilize PDF files primarily for their resumes, books, contracts, and many more. You may always use this GogoPDF application to convert your Word doc to PDF if you need to or if you need to get something done quickly. People may use this online program to manage and process their Word files with only a few clicks. Begin converting your files to editable PDFs to make them look more professional.

Drag and drop any file from your PC into the website’s toolbox. So, here’s all you need to know about the Word to PDF conversion method:

1 – Select the Word document you want to convert and submit them to GogoPDF.
2 – In a few seconds, the conversion will begin.
3 – Please wait till it’s complete and ready to download.
4 – Once the system finishes the conversion, you may now save it to your desktop or uploaded it to your online backup accounts.


Individuals can convey more information via a file presentation. This technique can assist them in sharing information quickly and ensuring that people understand everything they want everyone else to know about their case. As an outcome, you’ll be able to produce a better organized and intelligible powerpoint by utilizing a Microsoft Powerpoint file.

The real drawback of utilizing Powerpoint is the size of every presentation you produce, implying that emailing or transmitting the PPT file takes time. However, you may quickly transfer your PPT slides to anyone unless you convert them to PDFs. With this function, converting a PPT to PDF appears to be a breeze. In that scenario, the following is the primary method to take:

1 – Drop the Powerpoint files into GogoPDF’s converter area from any of your gadgets.
2 – GogoPDF will analyze, collect, and convert your documents.
3 – Patiently hold for the convert tool to finish the job.
4 – A PDF viewer is required to view or download the document in PDF format. It’s also possible to share it on your numerous social media profiles.


If you want your documents to endure for many years, use this conversion application to convert them to PDF/A files. To acquire long-term file conservation and restoration, users can disable unnecessary features like encryption and font preference.

If you’re using the application to convert PDF to PDFA, you can be confident that GogoPDF will handle your PDFs in the very same way as the original file, so you’ll be able to use them in the future. With that stated, there’s no need to be concerned; this internet software will back up your files in a matter of seconds. So now is the time to use this converting tool!

1- Drag and drop the PDF file into the converter box from your device.
2 – Gogopdf will start the procedure.
3 – Wait for the converter to transform your PDF to PDF/A.
4 – Save the new PDF file to your computer by downloading it. Copy and paste the URL into any of your social media networks!


PDF Bear will assist you in swiftly converting your JPG file to PDF. When you convert a JPG or any other image file to PDF, you assure that no one else may copy it without your consent. It’s also a quick and useful conversion tool that can handle several JPG files at once. In addition, this application will instantly convert it to PDFs, which will assist you in quickly resolving your issue.

Your freshly converted PDF file is ready to go after only a few clicks and some waiting for the process to finish. Here are easy steps to support you if you want to know more about how the process should be:

1 – Drag and drop your JPG file(s) onto the conversion box to publish them on the webpage.
2 – You have choices to choose from, so pick what you want.
3 – Once you’ve decided on an option, click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.
4 – It will complete the conversion immediately, and your freshly converted file will be available for download.


Everyone’s objective should be to make their life simpler while performing their responsibilities or duties. If you frequently work with PDF documents and wish to utilize these tools for conversion, the GogoPDF tools described in this article are always a good choice. Start using GogoPDF right away and enjoy your work.