4 Brilliant Ideas to Grow Your Real Estate Business in British Columbia

By Guest Author | real estate | June 30, 2021

The real estate business is a goldmine. Yet, you find several real estate owners in British Columbia struggling to leverage one of the most profitable businesses in the world. What are they doing wrong? Or what is that thing they ought to do that they aren’t doing?

As a real estate owner, you should be landing clients frequently and brokering sales without many difficulties. If you observe that your real estate career has been moving at a snail’s pace, and potential clients don’t even notice your existence anymore, you need to ACT! And the best way to do that is by digesting these real estate strategies designed to fire up your real estate career.

1. Evaluate your current position

The first step to get your real estate business back on track is by carrying out an honest self-assessment. While I understand that this might be difficult, you should note that the outcome of such an assessment would play a huge part in fast-tracking your business’s growth.

The assessment shouldn’t be restricted to you. You should extend it to your business as well. Review your marketing, business goals, sales, and look for areas that can be improved.

Is your marketing strategy not optimized for the right audience? Do something about it. Have your sales been low for the past few months? Go back to the drawing board and figure out where you got it all wrong. Ensure that nothing is left out! Improve all aspects of your business that need improvement, and the result will marvel you.

2. Invest in personal development

We never stop learning! Regardless of what you know, there are still others out there who know more. So in your bid to become better at what you do, you need to keep learning. Attend valuable seminars and continuing education classes. In addition, do your research. Understand the British Columbia real estate market like the back of your hands.

Furthermore, enhance your marketing skills to increase your online and offline visibility. Get certified to increase your chances of landing jobs, and widen your network by meeting top companies in the real estate industry. For instance, you could create a little connection with the best mortgage broker in British Columbia: Benevolent Bancorp, so when your clients require a professional mortgage broker, you know who to refer them to.

3. Make website improvements

If you are selling something, be it a service or goods, your online presence matters! Most of your potential clients are among the over 35.32 million internet users in Canada. So if you don’t have a website, it is a must that you set up one. If you have one already, you must make regular improvements. How fast does your website load? Seven seconds? Why don’t you decrease it to 3? What if your website design? Is it still that bland design? Change it to something captivating.

View your website as a visitor would and make changes accordingly. Remember, if your website isn’t user-friendly, you’ll lose clients.

 4. Consider omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is marketing at the highest level. It involves interacting with clients using multiple channels, such as social media, mobile, direct mail, landing pages, Etc. This marketing tactic aims to enhance the brand experience, which is why you need to leverage it to increase your brand visibility and scale up your business.

Set up campaigns, be it social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, etc. If this is above your knowledge, you can hire the services of a marketing firm. There is a lot of competition in British Columbia. Thus, to make headway in your career as a real estate agent, you need to put in the effort.


If your real estate business isn’t reeling in a good buck for you, it means you are doing something wrong. First off, carry a comprehensive assessment of yourself and your business. Locate areas that need rejigging or overhauling and act accordingly. Hone your knowledge. Invest in marketing for visibility and refurbish your websites regularly to add new appeal.