3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Is Not Working

By Guest Author | marketing | November 1, 2021

Every day we get bombarded by various articles and online courses that claim they can teach us how to build an empire using a foolproof marketing strategy that once made someone very rich. Numerous statistics show astonishing figures that we could reach just by doing a certain list of things in a certain way. However, if all these marketing gurus were right, the world would be swarming in online entrepreneurs who turned into billionaires by following a few simple steps and implementing a specific marketing strategy.


If you are among those people that spent thousands of dollars, euros, pounds or some other currency in pursuit of business success through marketing, then this article will surely be an eye-opener for you.

Your product speaks the loudest

Amelie Hill, an editor at Top Essay Services says:” Unless you were the first in your line of work to offer a certain product or service, it’s almost impossible to conduct any kind of marketing strategy that could hide all the terrible faults of your product. Furthermore, if you create a unique good that hits the spot with the public-you won’t even need to invest in a large-scale marketing campaign”.

Take selfie stick per example, millions of people use this contraption on a daily basis, but how many people actually know who invented it? Selfie stick showed up at the right time, and it didn’t an aggressive marketing strategy, the product spoke for itself. It allows a photo-obsessed generation to take pictures of themselves easier, and once it became a trend, people wanted it for that reason alone. In 2014, Time magazine placed selfie stick among the 25 best inventions of the year, there’s hardly a way that any SEO-oriented content would get more people interested than being featured in one of the most popular magazines in the world. Therefore, the first step you should take in case your marketing strategy is failing is to check the quality of what you offer to your audience.

Not reaching towards your target audience

Peter Chifley, a marketing expert from UK Best Essays, says: “Spreading the word across the online community is arguably the only way to get noticed among the crowd of similar businesses that provide products or services that are similar to yours or serve the same purpose”. For this reason, it’s important to save as much of your resources as possible and dedicate your efforts only towards the audience that has the most interest to do business with your company.

Think of it this way, let’s say you have ten people in front of you and only three of them are interested in buying red T-shirts. The other seven people in the group are either looking for T-shirts in general or prefer other colors, while one of them lives in Siberia and has no use for a fancy T-shirt. Would you spend your time trying to reach out to all those who are looking for T-shirts or focus on those that need just what you have to offer? Surely, you could turn a few prospects who are looking for any color T-shirt into customers, but you would also waste your time on folks who would reject you. Time is our most valuable resource and wasting it is the greatest sin there is. Narrow your gaze and seek out only those who can really contribute to the success of your business.

Study the target audience and the most active consumers through surveys, marketing research, general communication on social networks and study the feedback on the site. If you offer many different products, you need to segment the target audience. This makes it easier to choose the appropriate promotion methods for the segment. For example, for young people – social networks and viral advertising, and for retirees – print or banner advertising.

Trends are only trends because they don’t last

Some of us remember the world 20 years ago when online businesses were just starting to develop. In those 20 years, the world has changed so much that if a person from 1999 would come to 2019 that human would go crazy with the amount of technology we’re using, the limits that were breached since then, and also the amount of money you would have to spend in order to buy a laptop or a mobile phone. Yes, the world is changing along with technology.

What most business owners fail to see, according to Forbes, is that as a trend comes along, it also goes away and becomes pushed out by a new thing that’s hot and promising. There was a time when all you needed to do in order to create a perfect SEO-oriented article was to place enough proper keywords in the right position, and you’re good to go. Nowadays, SEO is a real piece of work and its implementation requires a large team of people and a lot of different software solutions.

According to research, currently, the most popular social platform among adults is Google’s YouTube. Facebook is right behind the popular video streaming website, however, the two are so close (73 percent YouTube and 68 percent Facebook) that it’s a matter of months before Zuckerberg’s online social project takes over the largest-growing commercial video library. The point is that you should not gravitate around what’s hot this season or what someone you know did and made a fortune with. Craft your own path, be authentic but keep your eye on trends as they always hide a hidden opportunity for the future.


Marketing is a living organism that grows and evolves as time goes by. Instead of chasing pipedreams and holding your breath for promises of big money pouring into your pockets if you behave in a certain manner, make your own path, using the experience of true masters of mass manipulation that is marketing. Focus on the quality and development of your product or service and keep in mind that, to the audience, you are what you make.

Mary Voss is a freelance writer, content creator of educational, management, marketing, business topics and an editor in cv writing services uk. She is a permanent co-organizer, moderator and attendant of educational webinars and participator of various creative marketing projects. Her main areas of interest are travelling and teaching people to live an abundant and limitless life.