3 Productivity Killers You Can Quickly Fix

By Guest Author | HR | July 2, 2020

Almost every workplace could increase its productivity. If your employees are struggling to complete projects on time or task lists are spiralling out of control, your company culture, processes, or environment could be to blame.

If you would like to support your employees’ performance, grow your revenue, and reduce to-do lists, learn more about the three productivity killers you can quickly fix:

A Poor Work-Life Balance

A poor work-life balance could drain your employees of all morale. If your employees need to work late or during weekends, they might be unable to spend quality time with their children, family members, and friends. Plus, they could eventually feel burned out, which could impact their performance and force them to seek employment elsewhere.

While you will want to receive value for money from your staff, it is important to remember they are human. To take some of the pressure off their shoulders and prevent them from working late each day, look for ways to automate monotonous tasks and streamline complex processes.

An Unpleasant Environment

An unpleasant environment could cause your employees to call in sick, leave your business for a competitor, or procrastinate each day. For instance, if your workplace is hostile and unsupportive, your employees might struggle to focus, or they could lack passion for the brand. If so, you must review the company culture to create a more pleasant workplace for your team.

In addition to the company culture, you might need to make improvements to your office space. For example, you could create a breakout zone to encourage your team to relax and de-stress. They will be more likely to power through their task lists when they return to work.

You also might need to adjust the temperature to create a more comfortable workplace for your employees. While cranking up the thermostat can help, you could aim to resolve other issues that could cause a distracting chill. For example, prevent cold and hot air from escaping by fixing the roof of your premises. However, you must hire commercial roofing specialists to do so, such as Next Wave Roofing / commercial roofing contractors.

A Lack of Quiet Areas

While an open floor plan can encourage collaboration, the constant noise could be a distraction. If there are no areas in an office to escape the chatter of your team and the ringing on phones, they will be unable to focus on important tasks.

If this is the case, you should provide a quiet space for your employees to work without any interruption. For example, you could set up room reservations to ensure your staff can access a tranquil space when they most need it.

A noisy office space, a poor work-life balance, and a hostile or chilly environment can damage productivity levels, which could impact your company’s bottom line. It is, therefore, important to look for ways to boost efficiency and morale, such as overhauling the company culture, sprucing up a workplace, and automating boring tasks.