3 Good Reasons To Explore An In-House Legal Role

By Guest Author | legal | July 7, 2021

When you complete your law degree, a dream job with a reputed legal firm is probably on top of your mind. If you are more entrepreneurial, you may consider working independently and starting a law firm individually. An in-house legal role with a company is a lesser-explored idea, but it has more upsides than you can imagine. When you join the corporate sector, you diversify beyond the legal domain and enter the business world. If you want to try your hand at something different, it is natural to feel apprehensive about stepping out of your comfort zone. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

You make good money

In-house counsels make big money because companies have massive budgets and don’t cringe about paying for skilled resources. They understand the value of having a strong in-house legal team as they require them at every step. Having professionals in their team is always better than looking for outside law firms in the time of crisis.

If you are serious about a lucrative legal career, joining the corporate sector is your best bet. You may get a fat package that goes much higher than one offered by law firms. There are unmatched benefits and perks along with the basic package. The best part is that you grow as the company grows.

There are opportunities galore

When it comes to opportunities in the corporate sector, you will never fall short of them. Small and large companies need legal counsel at every stage, starting from founders’ agreements to supplier contracts, consumer litigation, workers’ disputes, and more. You can start exploring the best in-house counsel jobs with specialist legal recruiters. You will probably be surprised by the sheer size of the market.

The field gives you plenty of growth options too, as you can move towards bigger companies offering larger packages over time. You will also never have to worry about job security as companies often go the extra mile with retention. You have support from corporate HR teams that operate professionally.

Learning and job satisfaction go hand in hand

Beyond money and opportunities, learning and job satisfaction make in-house roles an attractive option for lawyers. You get to ramp up your business acumen along with legal skills, which adds value to your CV. It brings real-world business experience as you deal with tricky situations and complicated corporate cases. The learning and experience make you better at your work. Investing your skills in a growing organization and helping the business to grow brings immense satisfaction.

Additionally, you get the taste of corporate culture. It can help you develop team spirit and leadership skills that fuel your career growth even as you move to greener pastures later. You also get to use cutting-edge technologies as businesses are always first to embrace digital transformation. With a law firm, such opportunities come much later or may not come at all.

An in-house job is an incredible opportunity that no lawyer should miss out on. You may join a law firm later or continue working with a company if the dynamic business world is your dream workplace.