10 Sales Email Tips To Crush 2021

By Guest Author | email | October 7, 2021

Industry insiders had predicted that social selling would be the death of sales emails. But this is far from the truth because, in 2021, email is 40 times more effective than social media in acquiring new customers. So, instead of removing sales emails as a part of your overall sales strategy, take a look at these tips and improve your email game. 

  1. Use fill-in-the-blanks sales email templates 

Sales email templates are a hassle-free option for businesses who want to start their sales email strategy right away. The templates are designed to help businesses close deals quickly. From powerful opening sentences to persuasive follow-up emails, these templates have got you covered. All you need to do is fill in the blanks with your company or product details and send them out to your prospective customers. The best email templates for sales will assist you throughout the sales cycle, including prospecting, negotiating, and closing. 

If you opt for sales email templates, you don’t need the other tips on this list because you’ll have everything you need. But for those who wish to create sales emails from scratch, keep reading. 

  1. Be concise and clear 

You don’t want to overwhelm your potential customers with a wall of text. Your prospects don’t have the time or the patience to go through chunks of text, especially in today’s day and age. People are always on the move, rushing to get to their next important meeting. 

So, if you truly want people to read your emails, ensure to present your message concisely but clearly. However, this doesn’t mean that your emails should necessarily be short, but you must avoid non-essential text. 

Every sentence of your sales email must serve a specific purpose so that your email doesn’t have a slow pace. Every sentence must give prospects an idea of your brand or product and keep them hooked. 

  1. Keep it simple 

Staying concise will win you half the battle, and the other half is won by keeping your sales emails simple. Despite what some marketers think, shoehorning jargon into your emails will not get you new clients. That’s because showing your prospects you know your stuff is not enough. Your prospects need to understand what you’re offering. If they don’t understand your product or service, they will move on to the next sales email, which might be from your competitor. 

Since you don’t want your conversion rate hindered due to the extremely complicated language, it is best to keep it simple. Use simple language to inform and educate your potential customers about your brand, product, or service and give them a reason to act on your CTA. 

  1. Get to the point at the very beginning 

As mentioned before, people don’t have much time to go through big chunks of text. Also, the inbox of your prospective customers is probably overflowing with sales emails. So, you need to stand out. 

First, catch your prospect’s attention with a catchy headline that’s creative yet straightforward to ensure the email doesn’t get lost in their inbox. Second, state the purpose of your email at the very start and be specific. Ensure your sales prospect is exciting so that the email recipient feels inclined to know more about you or your product. 

  1. Add a little humor to connect with your prospects 

Adding a bit of humor is one of the best ways to draft effective sales emails. A humorous or fun twist can leave a lasting impression on your prospects. You can add funny GIFs or animated images, and witty statements to your sales emails. It is about finding the right balance when it comes to presenting the same information funnily and humorously so that you can build a rapport with your target audience. 

  1. Don’t forget to include a CTA

Writing sales emails means you are expecting something from your prospects. So, ensure to state it clearly. If you want them to contact you to discuss your offerings or want them to download a whitepaper, mention that at the end of your email. The CTA must be written clearly and placed strategically so that your prospects don’t miss it. 

  1. Personalize your sales email

Email personalization is a sales email tip that you should never forget. Personalized emails can truly help boost the conversion and click-through rate. So, before drafting sales emails, spend resources to learn about your prospects and research what they are looking for, their pain points, etc. You can check their social media accounts and gather other relevant data. 

When you mention something relevant in the sales email, it shows your prospects that you’ve done your homework and are not wasting their time. Also, tailored sales emails make prospects feel special. 

  1. Don’t hit send without proofreading!

You are in a hurry to achieve your sales target, but that doesn’t mean you will click send without proofreading your emails. Error-filled emails can create a huge dent in your conversion rate and ruin your reputation. So, always proofread your emails before sending them to your prospects.  

  1. Track every sales email and click 

Today, there are several email tracking tools that you can use to find out if your emails have been ignored without being read or opened. It will help you comprehend whether the subject line is at fault or the email body content. 

Tracking emails will also help you get the date when your email was opened to send follow-up emails accordingly.

10. Follow-up your potential customers 

Most sales representatives give up too easily when potential customers don’t reply to their emails. You mustn’t give up after one follow-up email. It might be that your email is lost somewhere in the inbox or failed to catch the attention of your prospect. You need to send a couple of follow-ups before moving on to the next sales deal. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on creating powerful sales emails to crush it in 2021 and beyond. If you fail to draft emails, rely on using templates.