10 Ninja Techniques for Influencer Marketing On Instagram

By Guest Author | Instagram marketing | March 18, 2021

Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the most successful social media sites with over a billion monthly active users. As a result, it’s a fantastic forum for brands and advertisers to reach a large audience. Although this is excellent news for brands and advertisers, it also means that the site will face intensified competition as more people flock to it. 


Why Instagram Influencer Marketing?

— As compared to all other social media sites, Instagram has the maximum audience engagement for the posted content.

— Instagram has one billion users worldwide, with 70% of them using the website to research different brands. It means that your content is more likely to be liked, labeled, posted, or get comments. It allows you to post content to increase awareness and interaction.

With potential ways opening up all the time, Instagram continues to be the most successful forum for influencer marketing for the reasons listed below. Consequently, it’s essential to use effective Ninja Instagram marketing techniques to reach your audience successfully. 

1. Fix up a “Look” and stick to it

It’s even more crucial given that Instagram users upload over 100 million images and videos every day. If you want people to connect with your content, it needs to stand out from the ocean of content produced by other users and brands. You need to make something that is instantly recognizable so that when people see it, they forget scrolling.

If you want people to applaud your brand right away, it’s critical to maintain visual consistency on the platform. It would entail using a similar color scheme and style in your images.

2. Create captions relatable to your target audience

Consider the kind of audience you’re seeking to attract and the sound and expression they want. Is it funny and intelligent with a spice of humor? Will they get a kick out of puns? Are they going to be a tired party that will enjoy stress jokes and references? Alternatively, they might value extreme, formal communication better.

You will build your brand voice following your target audience once you have a good picture of who they are. Then, in all of your brand messages, including Instagram captions, you can use this tone regularly.

3. Avoid over-posting

You must refrain from over-posting at all costs if you want to cater to the Instagram audience, or you can come off as irritating. You don’t want your fans to unfollow you as they’re sick of seeing your brand’s updates in their news feeds.

At the same time, you still need to make sure that you’re posting consistently, so you make the occasional appearance in their news feeds. So, it would help if you have created a strategic posting schedule to catch your followers when they’re the most active.

4. Using meaningful stories to design content

Stories are ideal for revealing what goes on behind the scenes of your company. Since stories prominently display at the top of the app, your content will receive more exposure. Furthermore, 500 million people use Instagram Stories regularly, showing that Stories earn a lot of coverage.

Plus, since your Stories delete after 24 hours, you don’t have to spend hours editing them. As a result, they’re ideal for capturing and showcasing real-time images and videos to keep your audience engaged. It makes them great for showcasing the company’s latest news and product teasers.

5. Valuable Content

One of the most effective ways to do this is to provide the audience with relevant content. It is much more successful than overtly advertising the goods and their features to an audience interested in them.

You should create content that explains how your product can support your views. Instead of describing the product features, for example, you might present a customer who has benefited from that function.

6. Make Branded Hashtags the Core of Your Network

Branded hashtags are a perfect way to develop your Instagram fan base while still increasing your brand’s exposure. The goal is to create a hashtag that is both important and exclusive to your brand, use it in your posts, and inspire your followers to do the same.

As a result, it’s a perfect way to get your audience to connect with you and build user-generated content.

7. Post-user-generated content

You’ll still have new and original content to share on your feed because you’ll be sharing created content by your customers. User-generated content serves as social evidence, demonstrating that other consumers trust you. As a result, persuading the audience is much simpler.

There’s also the fact that sharing your customers’ content would make them feel valued. Track the hashtag to find the content you’d like to share on your feed after creating a branded hashtag for people to use. 

You can post it in your Instagram Stories even if you don’t want to break your feed’s visual continuity.

8. Using Relevant Influencers to Reach a Wider Audience

Collaborating with influencers is one of the most potent ways to reach a larger audience. Influencers on Instagram have amassed a sizable following of followers who follow them for innovative content, expert insights, and promote products.

They usually specialize in a particular niche, so their followers are likely to be people who are also involved in that niche. An influencer can run a campaign in a variety of ways. 

You may ask them to write a simple brand mention message, review your goods, invite them to an event, or unbox your latest product, among other items. Few companies also partner with influencers to create an entirely new product line.

9. Sponsored Advertisements are a good investment.

Using sponsored advertising on Instagram is another perfect way to meet targeted audiences. Instagram helps you to target users who share your target audience’s characteristics and behaviors. As a result, putting the brand in front of the right people would be much simpler.

It is helpful since some of the people interested in your goods might not be familiar with your business. You’ll be able to attract them in and potentially convert them if you feed them your ads.

10. Launch Contests to Increase Brand Awareness

People enjoy freebies, but you can’t just hand out your items to everyone who asks for them. Although your brand will gain a lot of attention, you will be losing money. To fix this question, you may hold contests that allow you to choose who receives your free goods. Simultaneously, you’ll be keeping it fair rather than favoring those groups, ensuring that everyone has a chance.

It’s also a perfect way to advertise your company because giveaway posts get a lot of exposure. People comment on the post in the hopes of winning the competition. More interaction means more prominence on the Explore pages and, as a result, more exposure.

Furthermore, the winners will have the ability to see how well the product performs and become better customers.


These are ten of the best Instagram marketing ninja techniques. Some will have a direct effect on your marketing campaigns, while others will have an indirect impact. But they’re all geared toward getting more people to notice and connect with your brand on Instagram. You should try out these strategies to see if they work with your current Instagram marketing plan. You will always get the dedicated developers available for hire to build a website in order to kick start your business and then use these marketing techniques to excel in the market. 

Harikrishna Kundariya is a marketer, developer,
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