Why You Should Outsource in Kosovo

By Guest Author | Kosovo outsourcing | March 30, 2021

Not a very long time ago, companies that were looking to hire highly-skilled talents were limited only to candidates that lived within a certain area of an office location.


However, nowadays, an organization can hire the exact person or team if they need them for a specific project and it doesn’t really matter if this person or team is located nearby their office location or halfway around the world. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, and lately COVID-19 because of remote work, accessing experts is easier and more affordable than ever before.

Outsourcing is the new trend. The two main reasons that organizations decide to outsource are to reduce costs and to have the ability to focus on business goals and plannings. But lately, outsourcing is more than just saving money. It’s seen as a critical tool in innovation.

As a result of this/ or lately business owners or entrepreneurs from around the world are seeing forward outsourcing to SoutheasternEurope as the new outsourcing destination for many reasons and advantages that build and enable better Collaboration & Communication, apart from the lower costs.

Kosovo is also one of the top locations that has gained a lot of recognition for outsourcing services that is growing stronger day by day.

We may ask ourselves why we should consider outsourcing to Kosovo, which are the main advantages, can Kosovo maintain a high quality of services while the costs are low?

Well, there is an enormous range of benefits when outsourcing IT services, customer care, market research and other shared services to Kosovo, check out below the following advantages:

1.   The population is one of the youngest in Europe

As we know, Kosovo is a country shaped by its youth, who are well-educated, highly motivated & satisfied with their work. The work-force is characterized with the high literacy of foreign languages, such as: English and German. Almost every citizen in the workforce now in their mid 20s, speaks and writes fluent English, often with an American accent and being in the GMT+1 time zone makes for a perfect staff augmentation scenario.

In addition to this — because of the number of young people in employment and the political involvement from the UK, USA & Germany — the country of Kosovo has a heavy focus on education and training meaning that most IT trained employees will have certifications, that would cost a large sum of money elsewhere, already achieved and will hold in education typically at least one if not two bachelor degrees in addition to a masters at an early age.

They also are characterized with a very rapid cultural and intellectual adaptation with people of different backgrounds. This is a great advantage when it comes to working with different companies abroad. 

2.   Strategic location

Kosovo, is an attractive destination for nearshore outsourcing services due its strategic location as they say “Kosovo is located in the heart of Europe ”. The close proximity of Southeastern Europe allows for regular and cheap visits for both parties. The duration of the flights is also a big advantage. For example, the direct flight from Berlin to Pristina is around three hours. This is very important, especially for long-term cooperation. Because, we would love to have our partners or clients come over for visits everytime they see it necessary, so they learn more about us or with whom they’re working.

Also the weather is one of the best things in Kosovo. During the winter time, you get to experience the real coldness and a lot of snow. Summers are usually hot, and very enjoyable. You get to visit a lot of places which in the summer can be very delightful, you can take the time to go out for a beer or dinner with teamwork, because the sunset is usually set-down around 9 p.m. And so, this is how u get to know Kosovo as an outsourcing-friendly destination.

3. Attractive Price / Cost-cutting

The most obvious reason for outsourcing to Kosovo is the cutting of costs. Outsourcing companies in this region pay their employees’ lower wages. Outsourcing also brings significant reductions in capital investments – you only pay for the work that you need to be done, and don’t have to worry about any additional overheads. You also can be able to invest your capital in other departments, leading to increased profits and greater growth.


For the past couple of decades, the prosperity in outsourcing services has furthered, significantly due to the improvement in applied sciences such as telecommunications, technology, fast-paced and competitive environment. Outsourcing is a very important aspect of the business now. In the same line, these improvements have followed Kosovo as well. A well-equipped country in terms of multilingual and well-educated youngsters that make more than half of the population, technology trends’ acquisition and low costs, Kosovo is your next place for outsourcing!