Why Should Businesses Migrate Their Databases To Azure?

By Guest Author | databases | March 9, 2021

Most businesses face problems when they run databases on their premises. They often face a host of challenges regarding operations like security patches, firewall management policies, upgrades in the OS, and more. The presence of a database on-sire makes it challenging for them to operate internal information technology projects when it comes to reviewing audit compliance and upgrades to the system’s capacity.


In short, from the above, it means that every business needs to operate their businesses as per the capacity of their hardware when the system is on the premise.

On top of the above, expert DBAs also add you need a large team of technical manpower like system engineers, network engineers, consultants for database security, and more to operate the IT systems and infrastructure of your company and effective database management specific tasks.

Database security should never be compromised at any cost

One of the prime concerns for any on-premise database is security. This is because data complexity is increasing on the premise. Experts in the field of database management and administration  state that migrating the database to Azure is a wise and prudent choice for the following reasons-

The Azure SQL database system is a relational, scalable, and intelligent service that has bee n created exclusively for the cloud. It has automatic tuning, in-built capabilities for AI, and is highly available to the end user. You are effectively able to create new business applications without fearing the size of the storage and more.

Given below are the top reasons for your business to migrate to Azure

  1. Fully managed and highly available – Azure gives you a SQL database system as a service or PaaS for effectively managing the system’s functions like patching, backups, upgrading, and database monitoring without the involvement of a user. Azure always runs on the recent versions of the SQL server databases, and you can take backups of your data and provision them automatically. PaaS permits your business to focus on critical database management, administration, and optimization of activity. However, you can create a highly available and performing layer for data storage for all your business applications with Azure. It is the perfect choice for modern cloud applications as you effectively can process both non-relational and relational structures with graphs, XML, spatial, and JSON. With the Azure database, you can-
  2. Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed service.
  3. Have pre-built backups, availability, and general maintenance operations
  4. Manage to patch and updating tasks on OS and SQL code
  5. You do not have to manage the underlying business infrastructure.
  6. You can scale your model with DTU or vCore based purchasing models.
  • Hyperscale the database storage with serverless computing that is responsive – Your business can scale automatically the compute base as per your workload demands along with bills/seconds of the Azure SQL database. This serverless compute tier stops the database automatically during periods of inactivity. During this time, you need to pay your bills for storage, and when the activity returns, the database resumes. Experts from the esteemed database management company, say that this Hyperscale service feature is recent in the vCore based purchasing model that gives you scalable storage of an extensive nature. This computes performance tire aligns the architecture of Azure for scaling both computing and storage resources.
  • Secure the database with multiple layers of protection- The Azure database safeguards data with an intelligent feature that can detect threats. It has a series of in-built controls and these layers of data protection cover-
  • Network security- You can safeguard your network with firewalls.
  • Access management- You can enjoy the benefits of access management with SQL authentication along with a username and password. Protect the access of your database with Azure Active Directory authentication.
  • Threat management- Here, you can monitor events and logs.  The Advanced Threat Protection feature of Azure analyzes the logs for detecting unusual behavior in the database system.
  • Protection of information- Here, Azure encrypts the customer’s data in transit between the server and the customer.

An insight into the automatic tuning feature of the Azure Database

The Azure SQL system is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. This means it can offer you high performance along with stable workloads with continuous database performance. With in-built intelligence, the system can monitor the queries that are executed continuously. It improves the database performance automatically, and this takes place by dynamic adaption by the database as per the workloads as they change. The database can apply suitable recommendations with success.

Your business enjoys-

  1. The automated performance tuning for every database
  2. Performance gains are automatically verified
  3. Tuning history
  4. Self-correction and roll-back is done automatically
  5. Support available for DevOps resources and TCO management
  6. Scale-out capacity for multiple databases
  7. Performance monitoring for proactive workloads
  8. T-SQL scripts are tuned for manual system deployments.

When it comes to database migration to the Azure SQL database and design support and architecture, you must take help from the right specialists in the field. You should contact companies that have experience and proven track records when it comes to database migration.

Consult skilled DBA experts in the field of Azure migration

Credible DBA consultants should be consulted when it comes to migrating your business database to Azure. They will be aware of both the Azure Cloud and database. When they combine their expertise with the two, they recommend a feasible migration strategy for Azure without hindering present database operations. They will ensure that your migration is not only done seamlessly, but they will offer you the much-needed SQL support to operate your database at its peak efficiency.

Therefore, when it comes to database migration to Azure, you should schedule an appointment with a good team of DBA experts from a credible company to discuss the best plans for your business. In this way, you will get customized business solutions and gain a competitive edge in the market with success.