Why Freelancers Need a SIM Only Deal

By Guest Author | freelancers | May 9, 2022

Freelancers work on the basis of their communication skills. Since they work beyond the scope of regular employment they have little choice except to use their smartphones to remain in continuous touch with their clients.


Basically, SIM-only deals signify the fact that you will only get a SIM but you won’t get a handset to go with it. Such deals usually involve all in one bundle. That is, you will be able to acquire a certain limited number of minutes, data, and texts. 

You will be able to avail them for a limited fee for the duration of the package. Such deals are particularly useful if you have a trusty phone that you really like and yet want to change your data and call package. In other words, it would be a swell option if you want to upgrade your bare-bones package where you will get better data offers to stay in touch with your clients. Let such check out some of the more important reasons why just about all freelancers need sim only deals for their phones: 

Flexible plans 

There exist many companies that support freelancers on their networks. Indeed some of them have been working for decades to support the freelancer community. They offer highly flexible plans as well as handy add-ons too. They offer smart solutions that have been specifically designed to support the myriad needs of the freelancer community.  They also offer ‘virtual landlines’ too. You can answer these landlines from just about anywhere and everywhere.  Then there are many device support packages that will help you with all kinds of technical issues 24/7. Not to mention the data packages you get with such deals. This way, you will have secure cloud storage as backup for all of your data in case your system crashes and you are left with no data to service your extended clientele.  

You can always choose your own service provider

As a general rule, many if not most SIM-only contract deals typically mean that there is nothing tying you to any individual service provider. When you use any sort of sim deal only, it will effectively mean that you will be able to skip your service, as and when you want. In other words, you are not really tied to any specific service provider. As a matter of fact, some contracts are so short that they only last about a month or so. If at any time you feel that you don’t really like this deal, it is possible to swap to some other package, and provided that you have fulfilled all the formalities, you won’t really be charged anything for it. 

Such packages are not very expensive 

When compared to other contracts, an average SIM deal only is inexpensive. This factor holds particular value for a struggling freelancer on his or her first few maiden ventures. This is because such deals don’t cost that much when compared to their contract agreement counterparts, by virtue of the fact that you won’t have to bear the cost of a brand new smartphone. 

These deals allow you to stick to your original phone 

Thanks to SIM-only deals, it is now possible for you to go right ahead and stick with your phone, if you are particularly attached to it, or if you have a lot of work and business contacts inside it. As the very term implies, a SIM-only deal comes with a sim. You will have to remove the old SIM and swap it for your new one and that is it.  

No detailed credit checks required

While the operators of such deals do check your credit ratings just like their comprehensive contract deal counterparts, it is not quite as detailed and rigorous as going for a full-flagged phone deal. This means that even if you are a struggling freelancer without a massive portfolio, you will still be able to avail such deals.  


If you are a freelancer then a SIM deal only is the logical step to go for when it comes to your communication needs. It will allow you to retain your old phone while offering you a better price point for your text, data, and call bundles.