What are the best strategies for cryptocurrency marketing

By Guest Author | crypto | April 6, 2022

Marketing in cryptocurrency is as crucial as in any other industry. Cryptocurrency marketing is critical for businesses to grow and prosper. Blockchain has evolved from being merely a fintech-focused company to one that aids everything from supply chain management to content publishing.


Currently, there are now thousands of cryptocurrency businesses popping up everywhere. Launching a basic marketing project for a business is different, but when it comes to a crypto marketing project, the leaders have to consider the competition and several other factors. This article describes the top 10 cryptocurrency marketing strategies that drive business growth. 

Using Social Media

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools of our time. Indeed, it’s also important for crypto marketing. Marketing teams use these platforms to connect to the global crypto community and spotlight projects. In addition to traditional social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, businesses can also use BTT and Steemit to increase their presence. 

Press Releases

A good cryptocurrency press release takes extra effort on the team`s part, but it is always advisable to use popular news and PR services to amplify the news of any upcoming tokens or projects. There are several online press release websites, including some dedicated to crypto PR which allow publishing news about crypto coins. 

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is like pay-per-click advertisements that might draw a lot of attention from the public outside the crypto community as well. Search engines are the most popular choice for this kind of advertising. It takes little research and identifying appropriate keywords to associate with the projects. Facebook, Reddit, and Google are well known for such services. 

Using Airdrops

Airdrops used to be immensely popular earlier. They enable the free distribution of tokens to those who register for it. A wide distribution of tokens ensures that they have reached a wider range of audiences. Airdrops are pure cryptocurrency promotion stunts and are also an easy way to gain followers and users. It also helps in bringing liquidity to the token supply. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing and databases offer much power because it helps companies reach their target audiences personally and increase sales. It is a form of direct marketing that involves sending targeted emails about a recent project launch or crypto facility, or token launch to specific people, who are existing consumers or potential customers. Airdrops and other updates about the coins can also be conveyed through email marketing. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a modern technique that is especially growing popular in the crypto marketing space. This technique can give a significant reach to the community through individuals or groups with millions of followers on social networking sites.

Use referral programs

Referral programs have the highest retention and conversion rates of any marketing channel. It’s as easy as the fact that the audience trusts the product only if a friend uses it. To encourage this word-of-mouth marketing,  companies reward their loyal customer base. After that, they advertise to get more offers, and newcomers also get a variety of exciting offers. 

Website Design

One of the most important things to do before launching crypto coins is to develop and maintain your company’s website. Choosing a compelling web design and creating an online platform for potential investors is essential. It also gives companies the opportunity to explain to their target audience why they should invest in coins and what their goals are. 

Direct Messaging

This is another efficient way to notify you about future updates or releases. The audience can ignore the email marketing message even after reading it. Therefore, you can get their attention to get more replies by sending the message directly. • Affiliate Marketing: The only difference between affiliate and influencer marketing can be done by someone in the brand rather than social media influenza. It works with the spread of product marketing and creates responsibility for various parties like sellers, buyers, and partners.