Top Trade Show Advice

By Guest Author | trade show | August 24, 2020

Businesses large and small find various advantages in entering trade shows. They provide an excellent opportunity for you to show off your goods and services, as well as presenting an invaluable networking opportunity. However, there is a right and a wrong way of displaying at a trade show. Here, we are going to talk you through a few tips that will help you go about things the right way.

Set Up Your Stand Beautifully

Your trade show stand is your home base and it needs to present your business in the best possible light. Your brand should be displayed loud and proud at the front, along with any other key information such as your website address or social media accounts. As for any products you choose to display, you need to pick them wisely. You are not going to be able to show everything. Otherwise, your stand will look too cluttered and this will have the opposite effect to the one you were intending. If the show is outside, you may need an additional layer of protection like portable garages to ensure your stock is not at risk of getting ruined.

Entice Visitors

The whole point of displaying at a trade show is getting as many people as possible to come over and pay a visit. Setting up your stand beautifully helps, but you also need to think of other ways that you are going to get people to come over. This may include having some sort of offer or giveaway. Perhaps you want to give away some free samples. Maybe just having some smiling and friendly members of staff will get people to come over.

Use a Multimedia Presentation

In the modern world, it makes sense that you use technology to give your stand the edge. The simplest way of doing so is by displaying a video presentation or a slideshow of images that show exactly what your company is all about and what you can do for customers. If you want to go even more high-tech, you could have an interactive gaming or virtual reality experience that makes your business appear even more exciting. If you don’t have the skills in-house, you could always hire a professional agency to take care of the job.

Look at the Other Stands

While it may be tempting to focus most of your attention on your own stand, if you don’t check out what else is on offer, you will be missing out on a big part of going to a trade show. As well as checking out the competition, you should also take the opportunity to find any businesses that may prove to be beneficial to your own. For example, you may find that you get a new supplier, or you would like to display a new product range. It is a great experience to speak to people face-to-face as you can do business right there and then, rather than the slow and often arduous way of connecting via email or social media.