Tips to Protect your Business

By Guest Author | security | March 15, 2021

Businesses and their finances are under constant threats all the time.


Sophisticated ransomware has been developed to hold files ransom until a certain amount of money is paid. There are highly organized crime syndicates that look for ways to steal data or even finances.

There are also others that will directly attack your servers so as to bring them down. Protect your business finances and employees with these tips.

Install a good Antivirus

Doing online transactions increases the risk of being attacked online.  Do not fall victim to security threats and scams. A single attack can damage your company and its reputation.

To protect your finances, install the best antivirus. It will keep you, your employees and your clients safe. It comes with great features and they include the following;

Malware Protection

A good antivirus will keep your business safe from major malware such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, ransomware, adware, just to name a few.

 It detects and destroys the latest attacks that are meant to steal your business data such as credit cards, your business bank account details, employees, and client’s information.

You will get coverage across your Macs, android and iOS devices, Chromebooks and even your laptops.

Ransomware Protection        

The best antivirus comes with ransomware protection. It will prevent attacks before they even happen or protect your valuable files from ransomware.  Ransomware is a malicious file that encrypts the victim’s files.

It will hold your files for ransom until you pay a certain amount of cash. Every hour of lost productivity will cost your business a lot.  A good antivirus will protect your business from these attacks.

Back up all of your Business Data

Backup all of your data, including financial to recover it in case of a ransomware attack. This malware will never give your files back unless you pay. Also, have a regular backup of your key systems, and keep copies safe that no hacker can be access.

With a backup, it is easy to recover any information that might be lost following an attack. You can perform back up daily, weekly, or after every 3 to 4 months to a portable device or cloud storage.

Use a Firewall

A firewall is a security tool-hardware or software that monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic then blocks suspicious ones based on a set of rules. It will block malicious software from infecting the devices of your company.

You will definitely need this to keep your business finance safe as it also blocks the passage of cybercriminals and unwanted content. It also prevents unauthorized remote access.

Credit Monitoring Service

With more than 1.5 million fraud reports in 2020, ID and bank account details theft protection is more important than ever. You should consider a credit monitoring service to protect your finances and digital life.

As the name suggests, credit monitoring is a service that alerts you when there is a change on your credit report.  Who would benefit from this service? Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from a credit monitoring service.

They have a higher risk for data theft than individuals hence should seriously consider adding extra protection like this one.  Other benefits of credit monitoring services include the following;

·         It will check your accounts for signs of fraud. This is a good way of detecting fraudsters and scammers

·         Some credit monitoring services will help you repair the damage of your business details that have been compromised.

Create Strong Passwords

Creating strong passwords for your online accounts is an important part of your cybersecurity.  These strong passwords will prevent hack attempts by cybercriminals. So, how do you create uncrackable passwords?

·         Make it long, with 15 characters

·         Use a mix of numbers, letters and characters. Do not forget to include an upper and lowercase letter

·         Do not use memorable keyboard paths like qwerty

·         Stay away from obvious passwords like admin, abc123, 12345678, 123123 etc

·         Do not use your phone number and date of birth as your password. Cybercriminals know this; many people use their personal information as their password. Once a hacker gets your personal information, they can easily log into your bank and steal money

If you have a hard time creating and remembering your passwords, use a password manager. It will create and keep track of your passwords.

Installing a Good VPN

If your employees often use public Wi-Fi when traveling, get a good VPN for them. It will protect their data online from unsecured networks. VPN stands for the virtual private network and allows its users to create a secure connection to other networks. Other benefits of a VPN include the following;

·         It hides your employee’s information hence cannot be accessed by hackers. They will be able to browse anonymously without exposing their location, and online activities

·         You can access region-blocked content. A VPN makes viewing of geographically restricted content available.

·         It prevents data throttling