There’s No Place Like Home: Tips for Designing a Home Office

By Guest Author | home office | March 24, 2021

Working from home is awesome—no getting ready for work, no commutes, no nagging coworkers, better work-life balance. However, if you don’t have a designated office space in your house, you’re going to come across many obstacles that can damage your work reputation. Luckily, designing a beautiful and functional home office is not a hard task. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

Find your special space

Start by carving out space for your home office. If you have a large house, this will be easy, but you don’t have to worry even if your abode is humble. You need a space you will only use for work, so you have to find a specific seat in your bedroom, a small corner in your living room or even remodel your basement. It’s important to separate the workspace from relaxing space, even if they are crammed into one room. 

Research ergonomics

Your health should always come first, so research ergonomic rules before you purchase your office furniture. One Hobart Office Furniture Retailer advises us to get a desk that allows your computer screen to be at eye level and your forearms parallel to the floor.

It’s totally fine to splurge on a chair since you’ll be spending hours on it every day. If you don’t love the chair at your desk, you’ll avoid working at your designated station. If you’re short, you can also get a small footrest so your feet are placed on a firm surface. 

Provide a lot of natural lighting

Many people automatically place their desk against the wall in the darkest corner of their room. What this habit does is create a corporate cubicle vibe you definitely don’t want to recreate in your home. So design your layout so your desk can be as close as possible to the window, parallel to the panes. This kind of setup gives you plenty of natural light (and the benefits that come with it) and a handy way to rest your eyes every once in a while by looking outside. 

Go big with storage

Home offices usually struggle with storage space, so always go big with this element. While they might not be the most stylish piece of furniture, filing cabinets are handy for storing papers and folders. Don’t let your office get covered in loose paper! If you’re a visual person, opt for wall storage such as magazine racks or library-style display shelves. Big bookshelves are also practical and they can be furnished with artsy things that provide a nice backdrop for your video calls. 

Accessorize and personalize

One of the best things about having a home office is the fact that you can decide on how you want your space to look. Start by brainstorming things that inspire you. For instance, if you like to travel, why not include some souvenirs from your trips. Or if you like mysticism and drama, read this Skull Bliss blog on crystal skulls which make striking conversation-starters and practical paperweights. These personal touches will elevate your home office design and make you feel proud of your space. 

Create a comfort zone

If you have space in your office, make sure to create a cozy place to think or read. Two nice comfy chairs and a table for your coffee will do wonders. Plus, you’ll be able to see clients and partners in style! 

Finish with greenery

Finish your home office design with a few plants. Greenery makes workers happier, enrich space with oxygen and add a nice pop of color. And since most plants can go two days without water, you won’t even have to step into your office during weekends. 

There’s no place like home, even when it comes to working. With these design tips, you’ll design a home office that will tend to all your professional needs while feeling cosy and functional.

Cover photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash