The Customer is King

By Kevin Devoto | customers | August 15, 2022

Most people who work with customers will probably agree that despite challenging moments from time to time, customers are great. In truth, people who are searching for a product or a service are looking for a pleasant experience, and these individuals can provide a lot of fun, laughter, and energy to a business. Although the interactions are short in many cases, it is an opportunity to meet some unique individuals who bring interesting perspectives to a transaction. When looked at the right way, customers make the world more interesting.

Unique Needs

Not everyone who buys a product has the same exact needs as everyone else. Individuals have specific, interesting uses for items they just have to have. One person looking for a versatile multi position ladder might need it to get costumes down from an attic for a special Halloween party, while another person might need the same item to place decorative plates in a prominent place in the home. The reasons for wanting a ladder that can be adapted for many jobs while providing a level of safety are nearly as numerous as customers looking for that ladder. By listening to the needs of each individual, employees not only help someone out but also get to learn something about life and broaden their experiences.

Unexpected Laughter

It is always great to find laughter in unexpected places, and when this happens on a shopping excursion or talking to a customer service representative, even better. Everything in business doesn’t have to be ultra-serious. Some professionals say that a customer who laughs while shopping is having a positive customer experience or a positive CX. Just as importantly, the customer can brighten the day of employees and managers by providing some unexpected levity, whether it is a joke or just a unique and clever way of looking at life. Laughter is a solid way to build rapport with clients and make everyone’s day a little better and more enjoyable.

A Steady Job

Most if not all businesses would not exist if there were not any customers. This is where the revenue comes from to make a paycheck possible. This is reason alone to offer some well-deserved praise for the customer, but it goes a little deeper than that. While the economic rationale is certainly a priority for treating the customer with respect, it also comes down to some basic human kindness, and of course, that goes both ways. Often the customer will lead the way by offering a genuine smile or showing an interest in how the day is going for the employee. Other times, though, the employee must take the lead and even might have to change the tenor of the initial interaction. Either way, the customer is an essential part of business and making a profit, but that still leaves plenty of room for an authentic experience.

A Challenging Puzzle

Human nature remains one of the most challenging puzzles to solve, and people who shop for products and services show this all of the time. Employees must always be on their toes and try to find the best ways to give the customer what he or she wants. It is a challenge that can never be completely mastered, which makes it so rewarding when the key is found that results in a pleasing customer experience. Dealing with angry or indecisive people takes special skills, but when handled properly, these customers often become the most loyal clients of all. No one said it would always be easy, but customers deserve the best treatment possible for so many reasons.