Six ideas for walk-in closets to help you set up your dream dressing room

By Guest Author | home office | May 11, 2022

While we cannot pick our homes only based on closet size, it is a crucial aspect of our homes that is sometimes ignored. Fortunately, we can make our closets more efficient and lovely with a few easy alterations and upgrades. For example, with a tower of built-ins and an added vanity or plush chair, even the most miniature cabinets can be transformed into a room you love!


The following are a few of our favorite walk-in closet ideas to help you remodel your dressing room. From the brilliant and colorful to the romantic and sad, these closets will help you develop the perfect image and realistic sight of what you may wear.

Top 6 ideas for trendy and classy walk-in closets 

1. Convert a portion of the bedroom into a closet.

Large bedrooms may easily accommodate a walk-in closet designed by some furniture store in dubai without feeling claustrophobic. A semi-partition wall is the simplest method to achieve this. This plan uses the partition wall to store closet items. If you don’t want to build a concrete wall, you can construct a closet that spans from the flooring to the ceiling. You can use the wall as a headboard and bedside table in the sleeping area or set up the bed facing this wall like a television.

2. Appropriate lighting and colors

A walk-in closet does more than simply give plenty of storage space and opulent settings for your dressing area. It also allows you to display your entire wardrobe and all of your apparel accessories.

To make your clothing genuinely shine out, you must employ the right colors and lighting in your wardrobe. With closet colors, you can achieve a variety of styles, from earthy and dark finishes to lighter and brighter looks for cabinet finishes, walls, and ceilings.

Chandeliers provide additional illumination to the closet area, giving the room a touch of luxury. Overhead task lighting, recessed lighting, and strategically placed LED lighting integrated into the cabinetry design can all be used to augment it.

3. Add a walk-in closet in your bathroom

A dressing table is typically included in luxury bathroom designs so that you may sit and dry your hair and do makeup. This is one of the most popular suggestions made by the furniture shops in Dubai. If this is the case, it may make sense to incorporate access to a walk-in closet into, or possibly as part of, your ensuite ideas.

Walk-in closet concepts aren’t new to interior designer Joanna Wood; she’s utilized it on a number of projects, including her own home.

4. It’s time to prioritize architecture

Walk-in closet design should take into consideration the aesthetics of your home as well as the practicality of storage, layout, and lighting.

Jonathan Rachman, an international interior designer, advises that one should know their architectural features—and add them to your design as a new element.

Make the dressing room an integral part of the house – or a treasure chest within the suite – but don’t try to do anything commonplace. There must be the appearance that the space is a part of the property.’

5.  Convert the extra room into a closet.

Create your own clothes shop by installing a walk-in closet in your spare room! With careful planning and help from the furniture shops in dubai, you can create a significant and stylish walk-in closet that can even be used. It may be used to fold/hang and store your clothing, jewelry, make-up, and other items. It also serves as a dressing room. Consider all of the clothing you own. Consider a design that provides a specific place for each item, such as bags, kurtas, dresses, shirts, shoes, or scarves. You may blend wall-mounted cabinets and shelves with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. A full-length mirror, shelves, or both are essential pieces for your converted extra room closet.

6. An island inside the closet

Consider incorporating an island in your closet if there is adequate room. It will serve many functions because the drawers on the island provide additional storage space, and the surface can also be used as a dressing table. Even if the room is limited and you want to incorporate an island, try to situate it in the middle to divide the area into two, which will aid in organization. The disadvantage is that islands take up a lot of floor area. To prevent a crowded appearance, use a customized island based on the available space.


Before you get carried away with spectacular walk-in closet ideas, thoroughly examine your clothing storage needs and preferences to determine the most practical closet organizing ideas. Do you prefer hanging or folding the bulk of your clothes? How much rail, drawer, and shelf space would you require? Consider shoe storage, purse storage, swimsuit storage, and accessory storage.

Shelves instead of drawers for your sweaters and trousers, with dividers and specific spaces to keep your items in a tidy pile, are an intelligent dressing room concept. Hanging length is essential, but make sure you have a good place for full-length and shorter items and double your clothes storage by including more straightforward hanging if you only need to hang pants or skirts. Hangers or slide-out attachments? A mix of the two is preferable. So, now pick the style you love from any of the furniture shops in Dubai based on your needs.

Photo by Huy Nguyen on Unsplash