Reduce the Clutter with 5 Easy-to-Access Desk Management Planning

By Guest Author | remote work | November 4, 2020

Are you sure that your home-office ambience is under your control? No doubt, you are doing great with your office projects, but it’s time to have a look at your desk where you work for straight eight to nine hours. If you are running out of space or can’t find the important papers among the clutter, then you need an organized home-office desk, as an immediate rescue.


The unnecessary clutter on your desk due to scattered paper, accessory, wires and files might be the reason for your stress. We would like to release you from additional burden by focussing on the desk organization ideas. So, you can boost your productivity factors to multiple extents as you don’t have to face unaesthetic messes on the desk.

1. Keep only the Essentials

Determination is must when you have decided to arrange your desk according to your choices. To start with the right tip, place only the necessary things over the desk. For instance, you should keep your laptop or desktop, other PC peripherals, your mobile device, pens, pencils, a notebook, charging adapters.

The less space to be occupied, the more you feel energetic and enthusiastic about your work. To add additional visual pleasure, you can place a flower vase with flowers or a plant at the corner of the desk. Make sure that you don’t place it on a vulnerable edge.

2. Create a Shelf

Is the home-desk lacking adequate space? Then, you can add in some extra space by availing a shelf above the desk. Instead of purchasing a bigger desk, you can put more necessary items near you, while working by building a shelf with a single rack or multiple ones. Avail Home Maintenance Dubai services for easy construction of such expansion in your home.

What can you place on that shelf? Well, what not! You can decorate the shelf with plants, flower vases and paintings to make the workspace more convenient and friendly. On the other hand, the shelf is perfect to keep aside your older files, paperwork and gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets.

3. Arrange Official Documents and Accessories

If you are into a profession of design and graphics, then you have to use different colouring pens, markers and additional must-haves. Then, keep your accessories with respect to colours. Keep all those accessories inside a clear container or jar.

Well, if you are an IT-specialist, then you have to tackle so many files every day. So, sort your files according to their coloured covers. For instance, you can keep the personal project papers in blue coloured file covers. Use the green ones to maintain your financial and tax updates. Use similar colour codes to make it simplified for Home Maintenance Dubai ideas.

4. Handle the Cables

You tackle the laptop, printer, smartphones and routers at the same time when you are attending your office from home. Undoubtedly, the cables connecting all the above-mentioned devices are crawling down your feet. And, if anything wrong takes place, it can catch fire, as well.

Turn on wireless connectivity to eliminate wires. For example, try to connect the printer, router, mouse and keyboard wirelessly to your laptop or desktop. Alternatively, switch to a USB hub that allows you to connect multiple devices with lots of USB ports.

5. Utilize Drawer Dividers…

If your desk has got drawers then it’s a bonus. But, it doesn’t mean that you can hide all the clutter there. It’s better if you avail drawer dividers or different containers to keep sticky notes, pens, business cards, USB flash drives. These smaller components tend to disappear, with the mess you create. Use your desk space and surround wall space smartly to keep your essentials handy.


Also, ensure that you install a surge protector to save your laptop from experiencing a sudden breakdown or data loss. You can label cables with coloured paper strips so that you can distinguish the definite cable to a specific device. Consequently, you can detach the cable by recognizing through its label and there will be no confusion at all.