Make the Best Out of Pack Up Time with Fragile Items Packing Tips

By Guest Author | packaging | December 9, 2020

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of relocating an office space or house moving can be packing those fragile items. Breaking or damaging these antique and precious items can be utterly depressing. You’d been saving your old grandpa’s clock or your grandma’s china for a long time, but losing to transportation is heart-wrenching.

Now that you’re wanting to save all those precious items from damage during the transportation process. The experts suggest using the right kind of materials and implementing some techniques for proper packaging must be on your list. The experts suggest having some essentials before embarking upon a journey of packing your dream house. Having these items on your side helps in cushioning them during the transportation process, protecting the areas and items most prone to cracking or breaking. Yes, these hold good whether you’re opting to pack your favorite set of wine glasses or the picture frame that helps you walk down memory lane.

The experts suggest having some of the items handy before thinking of packing your belongings. The right-sized boxes, bubble pouches, and rolls, dish and glass packers, markers, packing peanuts, tapes, towels, and rugs are some essentials that must be on your list at all times. Also, consider some pre-divided boxes of specific dimensions for storing products like dishes or glassware. These boxes work wonders for you since smaller compartments help in limiting the breakable item movements, reducing the chances for damage. Can’t wait to know the tips and tricks for moving your fragile items without causing any damage? Well, let’s get started with putting some extra efforts into packing your items with the utmost care with these tips:

Indulge in advance preparation:

The packing of porcelain, crystal, and other kinds of breakables requires proper time. Thus, never rush with this step. If you are not hiring packers or movers for your help, consider starting in advance. Take out time for packing these items while deciding if your belongings will find moving by car or truck.

Take your Time:

Moving is one of the most stressful processes. You’ll come across situations wherein you’ll undergo frustration and would want to give everything up- all thanks to the mess that’s known to become a pain in the eye. Yet, never let this become a daunting task. Always try to pack all the items with as much ease as possible. Taking up some time for wrapping the fragile items in the best of manner is worth the effort and dedication, which will pay off in the long run when you pave a path for your new home decoration.

Use Smaller Boxes for Packaging Fragile Items:

Always consider packing valuable items in smaller boxes. Porcelain, glassware, and other fragile items must be kept in small boxes so that they do not break when kept under the pressure of heavy objects during transportation. Also, restrict putting too much weight into these boxes because it will only lead to extreme damage. Avoid making use of flimsy boxes because the sturdier the box, the better it is.

Put strips of tapes:

The experts are all thumbs up for securing the bottom of your box with extra strips of tape. Doing this helps in keeping your essentials bowing under the content weights. Also, consider layering the bottom layer of the box with soft packing material. You can make use of White Butcher Paper, bubble wrap, foam, peanuts, or a packing paper for cushioning the box bottom. Now that you have the fragile items packed in a box- consider filling the remaining space with the essential materials so that even a minor movement during transportation doesn’t wreak havoc on you.

Pack the Heaviest Items at the Bottom:

Your packing and arrangement order plays a pivotal part in the process. The packing of fragile items and arranging them in an aisle, in case you opt for storage must be your foremost concern. Indulging in this activity helps in ensuring that nothing breaks or crushes, thus packing the heaviest, less-prone to damage, and heaviest items at the very bottom of the box are vital.

Label It:

Now that you’ve packed all your boxes with ease, it’s now time to label all these boxes containing delicate items as fragile. Indulging in a labeling process will help, and your movers handle them with more care and ease during the transportation process. Labeling will also prevent you from mishandling these, help you unpack and organize these at your new place with serenity you already know about the contents of the boxes.

Final Walkthrough

Although moving is hard yet following these tips with utmost dedication will help you dwell in tranquillity and provide you with the ease you’ve been eyeing at. After all, it’s all about sealing your belongings with love and patience!