Low Employee Morale: Strategies To Handle This Deal-Breaker

By Guest Author | HR | May 26, 2020

Without any doubt, your employees play a key role in the success of your business. Although it is the customers you may be more concerned about, low employee morale can be equally vital for any company. When the workforce is not happy and satisfied, it has a negative impact on workplace culture. Apart from this, these employees fail to treat the customers well and collaboration between teams is hampered as well. Considering these massive risks, it becomes imperative for managers and business owners to keep an eye on employee morale and ensure that it is always at the highest level. While a preventive approach certainly helps, you need to be proactive about resolving the issues leading to low morale. Here are some measures you can implement.

Find the cause of low morale

First things first, you will need to identify the root cause of low morale. The reasons may vary from organization to organization but more than anything else, it boils down to lack of trust and respect. While the absence of growth can result in boredom and demotivation in some companies, it may happen due to a lack of clarity and gaps in expectations in others. Sometimes, people may not be happy with their managers and leaders and end up getting disinterested and unproductive. Identifying the real reason is important so that you can make corrective efforts in the right direction.

Focus on running a calm company

You may be keen to set aggressive goals and push your team to the limit, just to achieve your targets and get ahead but this approach often does more harm than good. It can drive sustained exhaustion and dissatisfaction in the workforce and give your business a bad reputation as well. On the other hand, maintaining a good work-life balance, cutting down employee stress, and running a calm company can boost the morale and productivity of the workforce manifold.

Get a headstart on employee morale

When it comes to building a happy and healthy workforce, it always makes sense to start early. Getting a head start is all about connecting with the new hires and maintaining these connections through their lifetime with your organization. Having an effective employee onboarding solution is a good idea as it gives them a satisfying experience right when they join your company. Further, a positive work culture gives you a good reputation, and people are likely to be pleased with day one.

Give recognition to good work

A good experience for new recruits goes a long way but you cannot go slack with enhancing the satisfaction of the existing workforce. When morale runs low, recognizing good work can make all the difference. People need to feel appreciated, particularly when they go the extra mile to contribute. Conversely, the absence of recognition for their time and efforts can cause their morale to drop. This is the reason why you should have a rewards and incentive plan right in your employee motivation strategy.

Practice transparency

Winning the trust of your workforce is all about being open, honest, and transparent. When it comes to morale, the worst thing that you can do is to pretend that everything is great when it isn’t. Rather than sweeping issues under the rug, clear and open interaction with the team is the way to go. Listen to them, ask for feedback, and take proactive measures to address their problems. Just making the effort will actually make the employees feel valued and have a positive impact on their morale.

Train leaders and managers

The leaders and managers in any organization are the key influencers when it comes to employee morale. Even if they aren’t exactly responsible for their unhappiness, it is still their responsibility to fix the problems of the teams. Training your managers and inculcating in them positive leadership styles, emotional intelligence, and communication skills can make a lot of difference. Also, they should be able to engage the team members and connect with them on deeper levels.

Offer the growth they expect

Another proven measure to increase the morale of people in your company is by offering them the growth they expect. Undoubtedly, financial growth is important but so are respect and trust. Keep a close track of their expectations and make your best efforts to live up to them. Apart from job promotions, provide them perks and arrange training and certifications as well.

Going the extra mile to build your employee morale is not any effort wastage. In fact, a happy and satisfied workforce can help you open humongous growth potential for your business.