Killer Tips to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

By Guest Author | youtube | November 12, 2020

There are numerous ways to gain subscribers on YouTube.  Here we are going to discuss several of those ways.


Power Playlists – Most playlists are organized by topic; however, power playlists are organized by outcomes.  This makes people more likely to watch your playlist and subscribe.

Publish Videos Ten Minutes Long or Longer – In a study, there were eleven factors that might help video rank in YouTube’s search engine, and being longer than ten minutes was one of them.

Promote More in Your End Screen – The more someone watches means the more likely they are to subscribe to your YouTube Channel.  First, you need to include a ten-second clip of the next video. Then, use YouTube’s End Screen editor to add a link to a related video

Branding Watermark – You can add a watermark that is a button to subscribe to your channel.  Just make it plan.  It doesn’t have to be flashy.

Quality versus Quantity – Most people tell you to upload as many videos as possible and more people will watch them.  Just like with a lot of other things in life, quantity is not the best policy.  Quality is what will bring more viewers.  Focus on the quality of your videos and not how many you can produce in a week.

Reply to Comments – People like to know that you read what they are saying.  Reply to every comment on each video.  This lets them know you are reading them, and that you value what is being said whether you agree with the comment or not.

Channel Description – You need to tell what the channel is all about, give important information on the channel (for example your upload schedule), and a strong call to action to subscribe.

Subscriber Magnets – This is your most-watched video of the week.  Then take that and add it to your End Screen so that people will watch it and subscribe.

Channel Icon – Your icon is like a custom thumbnail that shows up everywhere on YouTube.  Make sure it is catchy and grabs the attention of the people.

Channel Tagline – Identify one thing that makes your channel unique. Then put that tagline in big font on your channel art.  And lastly, say your tagline in your channel trailer.

Creator Hearts – Make it easy to highlight awesome comments from your community.  When you heart a comment, that person gets a notification and they get 300% more clicks than average.

Channel Trailer – Start off with a great tagline and add small clips of other videos.

Watch Times – YouTube will promote your videos with high watch time numbers on their homepage.  YouTube says this, “The longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content, the more your content may get surfaced.”  Pattern interrupts to make your videos more intriguing and keep people watching.  Remember that most YouTube view bots don’t watch your video long.  YouTube emphasizes watch time more than views for SEO ranking.

Add Videos to Blog Posts – If someone is reading your text content, that means they like your stuff.  When they like your stuff that means they are more likely to subscribe to your channel. 

End Videos Strong – People always get to the end of the video and want to know what to do next.  Don’t be afraid to tell them that the next step is to subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

The Social Media Preview – Because Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites want to keep people on their platform they don’t like posts that send people to YouTube.  All you need to do is this.  Grab a 30-90 second clip from a recent YouTube video. Then, upload that clip as native video content.

Optimize Your Page – An optimized channel page can increase your subscribers.  Even though there’s no specific way to organize your page, you should design it based upon your content and what will grab the most attention from the people you land on your channel.  When most people come to a page, they leave, so you need to organize your page in a way that will entice them to stay.

Just make sure at the end of the day, you are creating a channel page that people will want to subscribe to.

cover photo by Jake Davies on Unsplash