Instagram Tips to Boost Your Graphic Design Business in 2021 & Beyond

By Guest Author | Instagram | March 1, 2021

Instagram is not just about generating an aesthetically appealing feed. There is no place for mindless selfies anymore. The success of your Instagram graphic design account is not at all limited to stunning pictures alone. You must have an aptitude for marketing too. It is of pivotal importance to improve your marketing skills if you are aspiring to establish a blossoming community seamlessly and grow your specific brand. 


Instagram currently serves as a powerful and versatile platform for any graphic designer. We know that all creatives can be benefitted from this popular social media platform provided they know to leverage it. This along with, a chic web design to boost your online portfolio, could be the best tools for flaunting your unique and creative designs and professionally presenting your graphic design brand. As per, presentations, portfolio design, logos, signage, animations, websites, and also architectural production have undergone dramatic transformation ever since the advent of the digital era.  

You may be hugely talented and coming up with brilliant work, but you would always require an extra nudge to propel your career on the right road to recognition and fame. Your creative designs must be showcased well for them to get noticed by potential clients and employers. You should curate a striking feed and focus on creating a truly universal visual language throughout your Instagram account. Moreover, here are some tips for boosting your overall online presence.

Use a Variety of Relevant Hashtags Ranging from Common to Precise

Even though the use of hashtags in Instagram is regarded as very important, you should not either make unfettered use of them or use only the most popular ones. You may aim to use a balanced mix of hashtags comprising both the commonly-used ones and ones that are very specific to your business. For example, a graphic designer may use a popular hashtag like #graphicdesign while progressing to more specific ones like #bolddesign and #corporatelogos.

The advantage of using popular hashtags is that Instagram users are more likely to use them, and your posts will appear more in their searches. However, the probability of your post being seen in the flood of search results is quite less. On the contrary, although the volume of searches with specific hashtags is far less, your posts face far less competition and have a far better chance of being viewed by users.  You may buy 50 likes on Instagram by contacting a reliable digital marketing company.

Maintain a Regular and Predictable Posting Schedule

Even though some people may profess to be excited by surprises, most like their lives to be predictable, and if there are events, they should be able to know what and when to expect them. It means that once you have been able to establish the best days and times to post on Instagram, you should stick to them so that your posts have the best exposure to your target audience. Your followers will also come to expect your posts at these times and be able to engage with you better than posts at random times that may escape their attention.

You should also make it a point to post according to a regular schedule rather than post a large number of images and doing the disappearing trick. Not only does a regular posting schedule help to make you more predictable, but also makes your page look more active, which is a strong signal for users to follow you. A consistent posting schedule does not flood the feed of users. It boosts the chances of users following you.

Monitor Your Account Performance 

While even a simple personal Instagram account is enough if you want to assess how many likes, comments, and follows your posts are getting, you need to upgrade to a business account if you wish to keep tabs on multiple metrics. With a business account, you can find out the details of the reach of your posts, i.e. the number of people who have seen it as well as the number of impressions, which is the total number of views the post achieved. Additionally, you can track the number of people, who have visited your profile and the total number of clicks on the URL in your bio section. 

With these details, you will be in a position to make more informed choices regarding the type of posts that resonate more with your audiences and thus represent the kind of topics on which you should be posting more.


Follow the above-discussed Instagram tips for boosting your graphic design business. Moreover, you may start thinking like an authority or influencer in your own right. Consider supporting issues and brands that you are passionate about. Always think before posting whether your audience would react positively to your content. You would soon gain many followers, and it automatically implies that you could exercise some degree of influence. Hence, start using it resourcefully and wisely.