Instagram Live is a game-changer that will enjoy ever-growing popularity

By Guest Author | Instagram Live | March 5, 2021

Instagram has several features and functionalities aimed at supporting businesses in the best way. Companies can use the channel for creating higher engagement with the followers directly and authentically by using the Instagram Live feature. 


Going live on the social media platform is one of the most dependable means of gaining the audience’s trust. Instagram allows users to stream live videos, which enable viewers to discover the brand from new perspectives by sharing some behind-the-scenes videos.  To build a rapport with your followers and the audience at large, you must take advantage of Instagram Live that is racing ahead in popularity that keeps growing at an incredible rate. 

You can interact with your viewers in the closest possible manner by streaming live videos that enhance the brand’s credibility. It can also remove all barriers to allow users to interact with the brand at a personal level. The interaction results reflect in the stream of comments that start flowing as users express their views in a candid manner that only upholds their level of connection with the brand.  To gain instant recognition, you can buy Instagram comments that allow your content to stand out from the crowd.

Live streaming on Instagram is growing fast

When the world is combating the pandemic by maintaining physical distancing, there has been a steep rise in video streaming on Instagram. The opportunity of connecting with people in real-time to share their experience by overcoming the hindrance of physical distancing is one of the attractions of Instagram Live. Add to this the benefits of earning the trust of the audience and enhancing the brand authenticity, making it almost a necessity for businesses to make the best use of the opportunity to create closer engagements.

Why use Instagram Live?

Why should your Instagram strategy include Instagram Live is an issue that you must understand well to make fair use of the feature.  Live video streaming is a daunting task because you do not get any second chance to make good for any faux pas, and there is no room for manipulating the audience’s reaction. However, the risk is worth taking because you can reach a wider audience when you go live. It creates instant engagement as your followers who are active on the platform will receive a notification on their device to catch up with the streaming.

Live streaming gains all attention because the Live Streaming Videos appear ahead of the Instagram Stories. It increases your followers’ chances of viewing the videos first as soon as they open the app because it is only regular for humans to have a quick look at anything new they come across.

Taking the first steps

The method of going Live is similar to that of posting Stories on Instagram.  Open your camera or tap on your profile icon in the top left and scroll through the options at the bottom until you see the ‘Live’ icon, which you must tap to start. The comments appear below the viewer count that is visible at the top of the screen.  Tapping on the ‘end’ tab at the right-hand corner followed by hitting the ‘confirm’ tab will end the streaming. When you stop broadcasting, the video will disappear from the screen, but you can save it or share a replay in your Stories.

Leverage the features

Brands must know how to leverage the features by addingtheir comments in the comments section while streaming, not only for viewers alone. Pinning a comment of your choice will make it appear at the top of your feed for viewers’ easy access. This is good for making announcements that allow viewers tuning in mid-stream to catch up with what they have missed out.

Create content with a purpose

Create video content with the explicit purpose of sending some message to viewers and not just for chatting with them. Use the opportunity to expose the brand to the audience from various angles to find more reasons to trust it and understand the value to derive from it. Since most users prefer consuming video content from a brand over text or image-based content, Instagram Live allows you to bring to life some of your static content and ensure that the content you stream to focus on some activity that is interesting for viewers.

Timing the broadcast

Choosing the right time for broadcasting ensures that the audience receives it in the best way. Knowing when the targeted audience is most interested in viewing video content should help you to choose the right time of streaming.  Which section of the audience would like to see the replay should also be on your mind.

Work with caution to make the least mistakes when streaming live videos and the gains will drive you off your feet.