How to Write Perfect Blogs For Google and Customers

By Guest Author | blogging | November 28, 2020

Writing blog posts does not come easily for everyone. It is not an easy task. It takes a lot of energy and deep-and-wide knowledge in vocabulary to come up with an awe-inspiring blog.

Every writer has faced the struggles of doing the drafts first and ended up with hundreds of editing tasks. Fortunately, there are great tips and easy hacks that writers can follow. Many experts give recommendations from time to time to help writers improve their writing style and techniques.

Follow these tips in writing the perfect blog post that Google and your customers will surely love:

Does Google Pay Attention to the Quality of Blog?

The quality of your content is an important matter, not only because readers are smart, but because Google recognizes it. If the content is high quality, Google gives it a higher rank in the search engine; and you know that most of the customers start with a search engine.

Meet Your Customers’ Expectations

Writing a good blog post is a way to meet your customers’ expectations. You can write blogs tailored to suit their needs and their satisfaction. If you want to give them what they are looking for, you should know and understand their needs and provide the solution to fulfill them. You can take some actions to meet their expectations, such as researching, surveying, and gathering feedback.

Do In-depth Research

In-depth research is a way to write an impressive blog post that contains facts and real information. Yes, each blog starts with a compelling idea, and that idea can be your first step in doing in-depth research. You can start with the idea about to whom the post is for and what benefits it can give the readers.

●     Find Out Trendy Topics For Blogs

Topics that are in trend are sure to catch the readers’ attention. It is a good thing that there are social media platforms to refer to if you want to know what topics are trending at the moment.

●     Learn What People Most Frequently Search

It will be easier for you to know what content to write if you know what people most frequently search for in the search engine. The best way to discover the topics that most people search for is to use tools like Google Trends, Bing Trends, AOL Search Trends, and many more.

Be Clear and Concise

In writing a good and high-quality blog post, being clear and concise is paramount. Choose precise and deliberate words in constructing phrases and sentences. A blog written clearly and concisely will go straight to the point. Thus, the readers comprehend it easily.

●     Know Your Audience

In writing clear and concise blog posts, determine who your audience is, what they want to know, and what they expect from your blog. By knowing your audience, it will be easier for you to decide about the topic and figure out the content of the blog and the tone of voice to use. 

●     Write Engaging Headlines

A clear and concise blog post does not have to be lengthy in the text but one with a catchy headline. A catchy headline brings the audience to read on throughout the article and accept the call to action. Learn the techniques in writing compelling and engaging headlines to ensure the best results.

●     Integrate Images

Don’t hesitate to integrate clear images into your blog post. It induces an irresistible impression on your audience. Always make sure that your media are visually appealing to readers. If you have a long blog post, clear images break it up into small but comprehensible information.

●     Use Bullet Points

Use bullet points when you write a blog post to connect the readers to your content and to help them understand it. In using bullet points, make sure that they are short but informative and brief. 

●     Add a Clear Call-to-Action

End your blog post with a killer call-to-action command. The call-to-action sentence should be short but clear and concise. Make sure that you use a strong and enthusiastic demand that will encourage the reader to respond positively.

●     Read Your Blog Aloud

Read aloud what you have written. It yields more benefits. It helps improve your writing as you go back to the top and find errors to fix. It also leads you to finding unnecessary words and sentences that can be skipped or rephrased for better content.

When you read it aloud, your brain will tell you if something is wrong and needs addressing. If you need professional help, do not hesitate to invest in a reliable tool or ask a professional like a StoryBrand Consultant.


Google and your audience prefer high-quality blog content. It’s time to write smarter by following these tips and reap the positive result — a better performing website. Keep in mind that content should be written not just to top the rank but to satisfy your audience, and Google gives rewards accordingly.