How to Run an Effective Kickstarter Campaign

By Guest Author | crowdfunding | November 27, 2020

Kickstarter has long become an amazing platform for inspired entrepreneurs and innovators trying to breathe life into their cool ideas. However, you should understand that the competition is pretty rough, so to run an effective campaign you’ll need to roll up your sleeves a bit.


We have talked to a number of entrepreneurs who succeeded in running amazing campaigns and summed up top 5 tips to rock it at Kickstarter. So check it out!

Distinct Project For Friends

First and foremost, if you want to launch a Kickstarter Campaign, you need to come up with a distinct project/product you’re going to offer. There should be a clear goal to persuade your backers it’s worth investing. What is more, the best way to check whether your idea is worthy is trying to convince your friends to buy it. We know what you’re thinking “what if they’re not my target audience?” It doesn’t matter. You need to learn how to sell your product, how to make some buzz around it. That’s just the way marketing works.

Open Communication

Another essential thing for a successful campaign is open communication. Get ready to answer the questions, and try to do it as quickly as possible. So you’ll need to prepare yourself for constant communication with the audience and your potential backers.

What is more, make sure you send tailored messages — don’t make it look like spam. Personalize your texts to appeal to your potential backers.

Show — Don’t Tell

You probably know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ — this is exactly what you should do to inspire your audience about your project. People like pictures. It’s that simple. Why do you think we’re all hung up on Instagram? This is who we are — creatures craving to look at something visual. That is why, make sure you have high-quality pictures representing your idea, your project, your product. This way you’ll hook your audience easily — and this leads us to our next tip…

Hook Your Audience, and Keep Them Hooked Daily

From the very start of your campaign, you need to catch the attention. Your Kickstarter copy should be catchy and descriptive. It may be a smart move to invest in a copywriting service to get it done for you. This site has ratings of the most popular companies, so picking the right one won’t be an issue.

Besides, whether it’s a shouting campaign title or an intriguing product — you should stay in constant contact with your backers and fire up their interest on a regular basis. Don’t let them forget about your project. Such weekly updates will bring you closer to your backers, and there will appear a deeper connection between them and your project. And this is just what you need.

It’s All About Setting the Limits

Finally, despite all the inspiration and sparkling eyes, you need to set your budget and outline the time limits. Potential backers should see clearly that you’ve got certain money goals, you’re serious about deadlines, and you’re a professional. This is how you can make backers believe in your project and support you.

If you’re truly inspired about your project, only sky’s the limit. So don’t hesitate to breathe life into your dream and go for it!