How To Protect Your Startup Against Crime

By Guest Author | safety | April 2, 2022

Protecting themselves against crime is essential for all enterprises, no matter how long they have been in the industry. Cybercrime and regular criminal activity are increasing, and no business can go slack with its defenses. It is imperative to safeguard premises, equipment, and employees at all times. Startups must go the extra mile with this mindset because the smallest breaches can have dire implications for them.  New businesses have a reputation to protect. Moreover, addressing security incidents can press their budget hard. As an entrepreneur, you must consider protective measures to prevent any harm to your startup. Create a successful strategy to safeguard the valuable stock, business assets, and staff welfare. Here are some safety measures to follow and protect your organization from crime.

Perform a risk assessment

Knowing your risks is the key to building a viable plan to address them. But most entrepreneurs end up missing out on this key step. A comprehensive risk assessment is the starting point of protecting your startup against crime. Look into the areas where the organization is the most vulnerable and easy target of criminals. Consider the entire physical and virtual vulnerabilities of your business. It could be the production area, equipment floor, documentation room, server room, or warehouses. Create a strategic assessment plan to check every area of the premises and consider various forms of suspected crimes. You can even communicate with business security consultants to get a second thought on risk assessment.

Prevent employee theft

Sometimes unreliable employees can cause grave damage to the business. The risk is even more for startups due to tight HR budgets and hiring inexperience. It is relevant to check the previous employment history and references of every employee you bring on board. Employee vetting with background checks put you in a strong position. These steps are essential to prevent any theft in the office. Also, introduce theft-related policies and share disciplinary actions with all the employees. It is necessary to grant access to premises keys or business cash with care and avoid revealing security codes.

Reinforce criminal defense

Since employee fraud in your business is a serious concern, you must take legal measures to defend your business. Be one step ahead of lawsuits with criminal defense attorney solutions for your business. Having a defense specialist at hand always helps when you get into a fix due to an unlawful act of your employee. You can also prevent internal conflicts and criminal acts by enforcing a zero-tolerance policy against theft, cybercrime, sexual assault, and fraud. Try your level best to punish the culprit to maintain the dignity of your company and set an example for the employees. Reinforcing criminal defense is crucial for startups because it safeguards their standing and reputation in the competitive landscape.

Secure your premises

Introduce several protective steps to secure your premises as a startup. Most of the equipment inside your premises might be new. Theft of new things can be more painful than losing old stuff, so you must do as much as possible to secure it. Follow proper security measures like installing dual safety locks and burglars alarm. Install CCTV at all entry and exit points and have remote visibility access. Buy insurance to secure your premises and cover all the stock and systems. It can come to your rescue when unexpected theft happens. So ensure you do not skimp on coverage.

Curb information theft

Like loss of physical assets, information theft is also hazardous for your newly established business. Your client’s information, employee details, and financial records might be at risk. Unexpected breaches of your data system could lead to a loss of information. The worst part is that it can damage the reputation of your business as customers lose their trust. Moreover, you may encounter compliance issues. Therefore, enable access controls, security passwords, and other safety regulations on office systems. Provide crucial information access to a few trusted employees only. Moreover, check with the IT security system expert and install firewalls and anti-virus accordingly. 

Security and crime prevention should be top priorities for startup owners. Dealing with a crime of any kind can be painful because it costs a lot and affects your reputation. You must ensure proper safety measures within the newly opened organization and prevent physical crime or information loss. Follow these measures to safeguard your enterprise against different levels of crime. This way, you have to worry less about safeguarding your revenues, customers, and reputation. So you can focus more on sustaining and growing your business in the long run.