How to Make Your Employees More Productive

By Guest Author | productivity | November 4, 2021

Employees are ultimately the driving force behind your business. Their output has the ability to turn your company from a small start-up into a thriving global enterprise. However, it is in the hands of the employer to make sure their staff’s work-life is made as enjoyable and easy as possible to achieve this. There is likely to be tactical changes that need to be made along the way to create a much more welcoming and motivating work environment and, in turn, boost employee productivity. Check out some of the key tips below that you may wish to take on board:

Encourage teamwork

Some employees feel more motivated when they work towards the same goal as their colleagues. Therefore, it would be wise to encourage teamwork, where possible. Not only do some individuals find teamwork much more enjoyable than an independent effort, but they can ask for help and bounce ideas off one another to reach their desired result. Investing in shared collaboration software will allow employees to join online group chats and uploading and sharing files, which is ideal if your company hires remote employees. However, in doing so, it would be wise to hire professional IT experts such as to help you make the transition and even combine multiple channels for more streamlined working. 

Create a culture of transparency

Employees like to know when they are doing well and wish to be made aware of where they need to improve. Creating a company culture that promotes feedback will ensure that employees know where they stand in relation to the quality of work and meeting targets. This will also benefit your business by preventing simple mistakes from being made and guaranteeing that tasks are carried out with precision. 

Improve workplace conditions

Your business premises is likely to have undergone extensive risk assessments to ensure the safety of employees. However, many other aspects are often overlooked concerning boosting your employees’ welfare and wellbeing, including the likes of:

— Enhancing natural light
Adding plants, which are a proven mental-health booster
— Investing in comfortable ergonomic chairs and ensuring desks are at the correct height to improve posture

Encourage breaks

It may seem a contradictory statement but encouraging your employees to take regular breaks will boost productivity. When employees work on a task for long periods, they are likely to become exhausted, bored, and lack enthusiasm. On average, individuals should be taking up to a 15-minute break every hour, which leads to greater creativity and concentration.

Allow flexibility

Employees across your workforce will be at their most productive at different points of the day. Therefore, you may wish to re-consider the regular 9-5 routine, as it doesn’t always work for everyone. If possible, introducing flexible work patterns may be the way forward to fit around your employees’ commitments and work when suits them best. 

Some individuals may work better working independently in the comfort of their own surroundings, rather than in a busy office environment, while some may prefer to work evenings as opposed to daytime hours. Chatting with your employees about working arrangements will give you an insight into what works best for your team.