How to Generate Leads Like a Pro: 2021 Physiotherapy Marketing

By Guest Author | marketing | February 17, 2021

Many business owners like a physio in Mississauga are always on the lookout for opportunities to grow their customer base and their businesses. Growth can be a tough and long process, and having a steady stream of leads is one challenge that a growing business must face. A business or sales lead is a person who is interested in the product or service you sell.


In this day and age, word of mouth won’t simply cut it. Especially in a competitive market like physiotherapy, you have to leverage all lead generation tools and marketing strategies to keep your clinic thriving.

It’s a new year, and there are new opportunities to connect with potential clients and grow your business. Here’s how you can generate more leads this 2021:

Social Networking Sites

Photo by Saulo Mohana

Did you know that Facebook is the third most visited website in the world and about 66% of its users visit it daily?

Did you know that 75% of users discover products through Instagram and that 50% of Instagram users follow brands?

Social networking sites, like Instagram and Facebook, are no longer just platforms to chat with friends and share photos. They have grown to become major areas to get more clients. It is your time to focus your energy on maximizing lead generation through social media.

Use each platform to showcase your clinic’s facility, your team, your service offerings, and patient stories. You can also add links to your appointment booking page or add the phone number to your clinic. You can also reach out directly to potential patients through chat. The best part of social media is that you can personalize them to target a specific audience.

Google ‘My Business’ Profile

Google is the most used search engine. Almost all internet users use the website to find things they need and want, and that includes physiotherapy. Most users looking for service tend to add “near me” in their searches, so your job is to be the business that shows up nearest to them.

Set up your Google ‘My Business’ profile and start attracting new customers. This platform allows access to:

— Google Ads
— Google Reviews
— Google Maps Visibility
— Information about your Clinic
— Customer Photos
— Information about your Services
— Clinic Hours
— Insights and Analytics

Your ‘My Business’ profile complete with all details allows you to stand out among other services, and searchers will ultimately see you as one of the most relevant search results. Google ‘My Business’ is also easy to create, monitor, and gain insights into your potential clients.

Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads

Organic growth is desirable, but paid advertisements can supercharge your follower base and take your business to the next level. Marketing online can be cutthroat, which means you have to invest if you want a continuous influx of new customers from the internet. Paid advertisement allows you to stand out among the bunch, whether on Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

One common method of online advertising is PPC or Pay-Per-Click. This advertisement only charges business when the ad receives a click. Capitalizing on its use can even allow you to appear on the first page of the search results.

Having said this, ads can be tricky. A vast majority of users tend to see low return-on-investment in the beginning. It helps to practice trial and error to know what works and to talk to experts who have the knowledge and specialties in paid online advertisements. Partnering with specialists can also help you focus more on your patients while they focus on driving leads up.


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A good website wouldn’t work without anything to draw the audience in. This is where content comes in. Patients do love to read, and they would keep coming back to a site that is both personable and offers expert advice and information. Good content allows potential clients to trust you with their problem and their treatment.

Publish content consistently to establish credibility and brand awareness, resulting in more people viewing your website. Also, creating informative blog articles or videos can emphasize your knowledge in the field. Compelling content allows you to show authority. And, patients trust practitioners with more expertise

Contents help you connect and build a relationship with your patients. Physiotherapy clinics can write about “specific injuries and treatments” or “patient success stories.” Also, make your content marketing more effective by using search engine optimization relevant to your business. Work with a reliable SEO in New York company to help your business be more visible.

Online Reviews

Online review is what word of mouth is in real life. So, if you want to rank higher and organically, get online reviews.

Online reviews provide potential patients searching for a physiotherapy clinic to see how previous clients perceive your services, facility, treatment, and overall experience with your business. Getting positive reviews is perfect to leverage social proof and show other customers that you are trusted in this field.

Encourage your current patient base to write their reviews either on Google or Facebook. You can use a follow-up email after their appointment to thank them and if they would be kind enough to share their testimonials online. You can also ask them if you can highlight their feedback on your website. By doing so, you know what people appreciate about you and what could be improved for a better patient experience. More positive feedback will eventually result in better lead generation and strengthened confidence in your practice.

Website Landing Pages

You may have sat and thought deeply about your marketing and analytics. You have numerous visits but low conversion to appointment bookings. Maybe, it’s time to look into customizing your website landing pages for appointment bookings. What you want is to funnel customers into the exact booking page, avoiding them getting lost in your website.

From a message, link viewers directly into a page where they can find available appointment slots, services sign-up, promotions, referrals, and more. A lead generation landing page’s goal is to encourage customers to act and connect with your clinic.

Lead generation takes a lot of time and energy, various trial and error to get right. However, results are definitely worth the effort when done right. Keep working on your strategies, with the help of Local SEO Search Inc., Best SEO Company in Canada, and enjoy the noticeable increase of new customers to your business.