How Effective Writing Can Increase Your Startup’s Success

By Guest Author | writing | August 14, 2020

In order to launch and sustain your startup, proper planning should be high on your priorities list. While you may experience initial public and B2B interest as a new startup, smart content marketing and brand reputation will always be unprecedented.


According to Fortunly, only 50% of startups with employees survive the first five years on the market, with 42% that fail because their products/services are unnecessary. This makes it very important to differentiate your brand from the competition as early as possible. According to Small Biz Genius, only 9% of startups fail due to a lack of passion, which means the problem lies in a proper value proposition.

The best way to pitch your business portfolio and attract an audience is through effective writing of your digital marketing content. How can you make the most out of effective writing for your startup, and which mistakes should you avoid in doing so in 2020?

Benefits of Effective Writing for Startups

So, how can content writing help your startup? As we’ve mentioned before, it can be difficult to differentiate your brand from local competition. This is especially true for startups and small businesses where every client matters.

Given the importance of SEO in online search visibility, the more original and creative content you create, the better off you will be. Whether you choose to publish articles, produce videos or podcasts, or devote your creative efforts to infographics doesn’t matter. Choose content types suited to your startup’s niche and start writing effective content today rather than tomorrow.

Alan Timothy, Business Development Specialist at Supreme Dissertations and Content Writer at Best Essays Education, said that: “You have to give in order to receive. Writing content for your startup may seem like a sunk cost at first, but it will drastically improve your visibility in the industry. Start small and experiment with content types before settling for what works best for you. Once that happens, writing content will be both useful and enjoyable for your startup’s writers and marketers.”

If we were to break down the practical advantages of effective writing for startups in 2020, it would include the following points among others:

— Ability to express your opinions on trending topics via branded content

— Showcase your brand’s philosophy, culture and values through writing

— Improve your SEO ranking on global search engines such as Google and Yahoo

— Cost-efficient marketing channel dependent only on your creativity and persistence

— Engage your audience directly through comments and feedback for future writing

Effective Startup Writing Tips to Implement

Respond to Industry Trends

A straightforward way to write effective content for your startup is to follow industry trends. Whether you operate in IT, SAAS or another form of startup, there will undoubtedly be news, events and happenings all around you.

You can take advantage of them by writing blog posts, opinion pieces and other forms of content for your website. Spark a conversation with your readers with calls to action and ask for their opinions on the trends you’ve just written about. This will have a positive effect on your SEO ranking, as fresh topics tend to rank better than outdated ones.

Brand Storytelling Content

What differentiates your IT startup from other IT startups is your brand culture, mission statement and the team you’ve assembled. This is why brand storytelling can be a powerful tool in your writing strategy.

Writing tools such as Trust My Paper, Grammarly, Milanote, Grab My Essay, as well as Readable and Top Essay Writing, can be utilized to your advantage. Interview your employees, write about your teambuilding activities and share what makes your startup unique. You can also write about your past projects or offer interesting industry-related tutorials and how-to guides from your brand’s perspective.

Evergreen Content Writing

Evergreen content lies on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to the latest news coverage. What makes evergreen content valuable lies is its long-term appeal.

Blog posts which offer time management tips or teambuilding exercise suggestions don’t have an expiration date. This makes them great for building an audience by offering practical advice to any would-be visitor. Evergreen content can positively affect your SEO, and it can be shared and updated frequently.

Omnichannel Content Marketing

Once you start publishing your startup’s writing, you should share it as much as possible. Social media platforms are ripe for picking in regards to attracting a global audience, don’t miss the opportunity to do so. Establish social media pages on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as soon as you launch your startup.

You can also share your content via newsletters or send your clients personalized messaging app content to announce new content being published. Here’s a list of newsletter ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

Lastly, share the content published on your startup’s website to increase its exposure and attract new clients and followers quickly.

Startup Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we have a better understanding of how you can take advantage of effective writing for your startup let’s tackle potential pitfalls. Making mistakes in content writing can nullify the effort you’ve made to increase your brand awareness and audience engagement. Make sure to fix the following errors if they appear in your writing:

Overly Technical Writing

There is no point in writing startup content if you rely on niche terminology and effectively drive away casual readers. Your writing should be as approachable and understandable as possible, regardless of the topic you write about. Simplify your vocabulary, intersect writing with multimedia, and proofread content before publishing it.

Poor Keyword Selection

Freeform writing will only get you so far when it comes to branded content marketing. Every industry relies on a set of keywords and phrases which are trending at that particular moment. Tools such as Google AdWords and SEM Rush can help you identify which words to integrate into your writing to improve its SEO ranking.

Poor Content Scheduling

Lastly, ad hoc publishing of content at random intervals will have a negative effect on your brand’s appeal. It’s better to adopt a scheduled publishing approach and interspace your writing throughout the week or month. Use Google Calendar or an equivalent time management app to plan when each content piece will be published.

In Summary

When all is said and done, writing effective content for your startup isn’t difficult or time-consuming. All it takes is proper time management and constant connection to your industry to know which direction to take next.

Establish your writing tool stack before creating any content to better standardise your production pipeline going forward. Once you settle into a routine of research, writing, publishing, and audience engagement, your startup’s online presence will shine as a result.

Kristin Savage is a content creator, writer and editor at Subjecto and Classy Essay writing services, respectively. Her career portfolio consists of writing contributions to the fields of digital marketing, business development and social media management. Kristin is dedicated to her craft and aims to establish her reputation as a reliable and approachable content writer in the eyes of her readers. In her spare time, Kristen enjoys swimming and listening to podcasts.