Guide for Business Leaders: How to Increase Employee Engagement with Team-Building

By Emma Worden | Teambuilding | January 27, 2022

It’s a well-known fact in the world of business that high-performing teams are crucial for boosting the bottom line and leading to a company’s overall success. And while that statement might be true, great teams never simply happen by hiring knowledgeable, experienced, and highly qualified individuals. Strong teams have to be built through exercises that are specifically designed for bringing staff together and creating a more collaborative and effective work environment. Team-building activities seem to be the ideal solution, helping to increase employee engagement and coming with a number of benefits that will provide new growth and success opportunities for your business.

Improving communication with games

Communication between different teams and departments is crucial for the success of your business. Team-building activities could encourage your employees to effectively communicate and work with one another in an effort to solve common problems and achieve common goals. By putting your teams into interesting and relaxing environments outside the office, you will encourage them to let go, be themselves, and even open up to others.

This is especially true if you opt for games as your team-building exercises. Scavenger hunts and team jigsaws, for instance, could go a long way towards boosting collaboration, while multiplayer video games might help to improve communication and cooperation even among remote teams.

Boosting productivity with new energy

The energy of your teams can have an incredibly positive effect on the overall productivity levels in the workplace. By working together to achieve a common goal during team-building exercises, your staff will show less resistance and friction and more willingness to cooperate, thus increasing the team output. Not to mention that even just going back to the office after a fun weekend could lighten the mood and improve the energy in the office, whether your teams completed an escape room or went to a pub quiz together.

It can also be beneficial for your teams to have a reminder of this enjoyable event, like a T-shirt they could wear on casual Fridays. Mementos from the team-building event will serve as a wonderful keepsake of the positive energy they’ve created as a team, helping to translate it back into the workplace as well.

Increasing efficiency through workshops

Some team-building exercises are specifically made with the benefits of the business in mind. For example, if you partner with an experienced company like Juggle Strategies, you will be able to create a workplace where your employees and company truly thrive. By offering diagnostic, consulting, and coaching services, such professionals will be able to design a program of workshops perfectly suited to the needs of your organization.

This will enable you to build more trust in your teams, effectively improve communication and collaboration, and change their biased perspectives on the nature of work. As a result, you will create a more flexible and agile business that’s focused on positive outcomes, helping to increase employee engagement and well-being, attract and retain top talent, and prepare your organization for the future.

Promoting friendliness with camping

While your staff might spend plenty of time together, they are often too focused on work tasks and responsibilities to regularly interact with one another. However, getting to know each other is essential for the efficiency and overall performance of your teams, as it allows them to connect with one another in a non-work-related setting, and consequently work better as a team in the office as well.

Camping is a great team-building activity for promoting friendliness among your teams, enabling them to leave the workplace behind and discuss their interest, families, and opinions in relaxing natural settings. If you’d like to purchase a corporate gift for your teams as well, quality automatic knives can be the perfect solution for this activity. They are practical and durable enough for camping, while also being a great memento of the entire trip.

Enhancing overall office morale

Most employees prefer being a part of something greater. They don’t only want a job in a monotonous setting, but rather something interesting and unique to look forward to each day. And when organizations encourage their staff to have fun, employees tend to become more engaged as well.

Whether you choose in-office trivia games or collective holidays, all team-building activities could help to establish an enhanced company culture employees love to be a part of, where they could easily collaborate, and have respect and trust in one another. This will be key in raising employee happiness and morale, and building a more successful business.

Improving relationships all around

No team can truly function if its members don’t get along. Encouraging teamwork and collaboration among your employees could help to improve their relationships as well as their quality of work. Team-building exercises are designed to develop better communication and cooperation, enabling teams to become more efficient and effective.

There could also be a disconnect between teams at different levels of your organization. Team-building could aid in closing that common gap by having everyone work together towards a shared goal. This allows your employees to view each other as equal colleagues who are more happy, willing, and motivated to work together towards success.

Evidently, strong teams are essential for all businesses. As long as you make it a point to incorporate team-building activities into your company culture, you will be able to improve collaboration and communication, boost morale and happiness, increase productivity and efficiency, and achieve long-term success.