How Every New Business Can Benefit from Guest Posting

By Guest Author | blogging guest posting marketing | February 19, 2021

Guest posting. You might have heard all about it as it is riding high right now with the entire digital marketing sphere talking about it. If you have recently launched your business and thinking about standing out from your competitors, maybe it is time to choose the best SEO link building agency like Globex outreach.


Guest posting is one of the most powerful ways to build high-quality, strong relationships that can help your new business grow in multiple ways, including acquiring backlinks, setting brand value, forming professional connections, etc. Read on to learn more about how your new business can benefit from guest posting.

Guest Posts From an SEO Perspective

Many new businesses ask themselves why they should be writing guest posts in the first place. To fully comprehend the answer, you have to look at things from the SEO perspective. Without getting into detailed technical complications, the raw answer is that you acquire a backlink to your website.

Giving and getting a link works like a vote from one website to another. Through backlinks, sites signal their trust in the services/ products or content on the site. The underlying idea generated by Google is that the more links your website receives from high-ranking trusted websites, the more reputable you are.

Not only this, but many other factors come into play in where your business website tanks in the search results. Rather than simply acquiring links from other websites, the benefits of guest posting are much greater.

Forming New Relationships with Guest Posts

You might be familiar with the fact that building relationships are of critical importance when it comes to growing your business online. By creating strong and mutually beneficial relationships with bloggers and influencers, you can open the door to more future opportunities.

·         By generating informative, high-quality, and good insightful content, your written content should be self-explanatory to make the outreach process easier.

·         The better your relationship with bloggers, the more likely you will be contacted to share your work (or co-author) through social media and other online platforms.

·         The bloggers/ influencers might also recommend your guest posts/content to their contacts. Remember that everything in business works as a transaction, and things become easier when you form strong relationships with friends you can count on. 

Guest Posts Enable a Wider Reach

The goal of all guest posts doesn’t necessarily revolve around gaining one or a few more links. Instead, writing guest posts’ primary objectives comprise exhibiting one’s expertise, showcasing your products and services, and educating the readers.

A well-written and informative guest post can go viral and hopefully build authority through high-quality words. This way, your business obtains brand visibility while the readers become familiar with your name.

Subsequently, more relevant traffic is brought back to your side while readers trust your opinion. The more you indulge in guest posting, the greater the opportunity to reach a wider audience and express why your products and services should be relied on as trustworthy sources of information.

Generate More Leads & Customers

Another vital benefit obtained from the guest posting marketing campaign is to generate more leads and bring more potential clients to your business website. Thus, you can think of guest posting as any other advertisement campaign, such as a billboard ad or a television commercial.

To make the guest post a hit with the audience, you need to do the following:

·         Analyze and understand who your target audience is (don’t just randomly post on any blog/ website that gives you the green signal)

·         Write something informative and useful, such as how-to’s, resource guides, etc.

·         If possible, link other high-authority resources to your site (while linking back to your business website in a post, ensure that it is relevant to your guest post as blog owners don’t like to flat out selling and promotions)

Discover Business Opportunities

With proper implementation of guest posting marketing strategies, you can soon expect new business opportunities to surface. When attracting a wider target audience, nothing matters more than the quality of your content. Your content must exhibit your expertise in your niche.

Through your guest posts, you will be promoting your products and services to a wider audience. Thus, you are moving within a sales cycle that is not openly visible. By speeding up your guest posting, you will simultaneously speed up your invisible sales cycle.

With each published guest post, your target audience will become more familiar with your brand. Think about it like this: instead of waiting for your target audience to seek you out, you are using your guest posts to tell your potential consumers and leads more about your services.

Guest Posting Generates Quality Traffic

A well-written guest post has the potential to go viral and automatically boost organic traffic to your business website. The inclusion of links leading to your website is bound to get clicked, depending on how well-structured and informative your content is.

Every blogger’s dream is to get high-quality website traffic, which cannot happen when dealing with low-quality posts.  That said, it is essential to stay relevant to decrease the bounce rate on your website. High-quality, valuable, and informative guest posts reduce your bounce rate.

Keep in mind that the blogs where you post the guest posts must have your target audience. You will gain nothing from publishing your guest posts to sites with nothing to do with the message you are trying to get across. Therefore, ensure that the sites are relevant to your services and products. 

Guest Posting is not a Universal Cure

Filling random sites with useless guest posts isn’t the only remedy to your online digital marketing problems. Guest posting is just one essential marketing strategy out of so many. By improving user experience and incorporating high-quality SEO on your site, you will soon stand out from your competitors.

However, with guest posts, make sure to target the right sites, connect with the right people and deliver a well-crafted message to a wider audience can boost your business and make visitors keep coming back to your business website.