Forward-Thinking Business Ideas to Look at Getting Into

By Guest Author | business ideas | August 26, 2020

Whenever you start a new business you want it to be in an area that’s going to be in demand going forward. The world changes quickly though, and the thriving businesses of today can quickly become outdated as technology and society change.

However, there are certain industries that are showing signs of thriving in the next few years, and these business ideas are worth looking at getting into.

Ecommerce Distribution

Ecommerce has gradually been taking a bigger and bigger share of the retail market, but during the pandemic, this increased further.

While those companies that already had a strong online presence profited, and those without one frantically pivoted towards the online world, the need for distribution options boomed.

These businesses might be good at marketing and selling online, but logistics is an altogether different challenge. Many of them will turn to outside help in terms of product distribution, and this is a theme that is likely to continue.


When a product goes from illegal to legal (in some states) virtually overnight, it’s bound to make a huge change to how the industry is run. In the case of marijuana, this has created huge opportunities for professional companies within the medical and recreational marijuana industry.

The legalization of marijuana has led to innovations in items such as cannabis extraction equipment that has improved standards and created a budding industry.

Currently, 12 U.S. states have completely legalized marijuana, so there is the potential for this industry to grow a great deal more in the coming years.


Our whole world is run around the internet, and while this opens up so many opportunities for us, it also poses plenty of risks.

Cybersecurity is one of the main concerns for businesses and individuals alike, and as our technology becomes more and more advanced, cybersecurity needs to keep up. With technology constantly moving forwards, this means there’s always a prominent role to play for cybersecurity experts.

This trend doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon, and it’s likely that the role of cybersecurity companies will only get bigger.

Corporate Immigration

The world is becoming a more and more connected place, and businesses want to make the most of this by having access to bigger talent pools.

However, despite the fact that the world has become a much smaller place, immigration laws are still extremely complex, and this can sometimes tie the hands of businesses employing people from outside their country. This is where the corporate immigration companies come in—to advise businesses on their best course of action.

Localized Business Marketing

A big feature for the future of marketing is being able to offer a personalized experience. One of the ways in which marketers can do this is through a hyper-localized approach.

The more you can drill down into exactly what it is your target audience wants, the more likely you are to make sales, and this is the idea behind hyper-localized marketing. By targeting highly defined, localized areas with the right messages, companies can boost sales, and there will be plenty of opportunities for marketing professionals in this area.