Embracing Technology in Your HR Department: A Guide

By Guest Author | HR | August 5, 2019

Human resources are integral to the success of an organisation. If the department fails to recruit the best talent for a position or improve employee satisfaction, the business will face a greater risk of failure.

It is imperative business leaders take the steps to streamline various HR processes to develop a more productive and efficient team, which is why they would be smart to invest in various tech solutions.

If you want to improve efficiency and take some of the pressure off your staff, read this helpful guide to embracing technology in your HR department.

Utilise Social Media

Social media cannot only help HR employees to find and recruit talented candidates for a position, but it can also be used for employee engagement. For example, they can use the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook to promote job postings or publish company-related news on public profiles and private groups.

Despite its many benefits, many employers are failing to utilise social media channels to market vacancies, corporate news, and post internal photos and blogs.

Choose a Powerful HR Payroll Software

Transform your team’s productivity levels by investing in a powerful HR payroll software solution, which can reduce their time spent on various administrative tasks, as it can feature automated workflows, an employee self-service, and accurate reporting. As a result, a reliable cloud HR software program will ensure your team members have more time to focus on other tasks on their list.

Unite Your Team with Telecommuting Solutions

Telecommuting can be an effective way to increase internal productivity and employee satisfaction. Yet, managing a remote workforce can be challenging, as your staff members could feel separated from the company culture.

It is worthwhile investing in social collaboration tools or video conferencing software to simulate face-to-face communication, which can make them feel a part of the brand.

Receive Honest Feedback with Anonymous Online Forms

Many of your employees might be reluctant to discuss their thoughts and feelings with members of your HR department, as they might fear their comments will reach their boss. To help your team to generate honest feedback from your staff, you should use many free programs, such as Google Forms, which can anonymously compile feedback regarding the workplace, the company policy or a specific department.

Streamline the Hiring Process with Talent Management Software

As you will know, the hiring process can be long and laborious. Talent management software can, however, streamline your company’s hiring process, as it can:

— Post job advertisements
— Organise applications
— Manage candidates

Rather than manually managing the process, the software can simplify the hiring process, as the information will be available in one place.


As much pressure will be placed on your HR department each day, you can improve their working life by investing in dependable technologies to help them reduce their workload.

Your business could benefit from greater efficiency, as you’ll be able to accurately pay your employees on schedule, hire the right candidates for a position as soon as possible, and improve your HR team members’ job satisfaction.