e-PR: Your Gateway to Successful Media Advertising

By Guest Author | advertising | September 24, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that in times of epidemics people need online stores more than ever. So far this year consumers shopped online in record numbers boosting website traffics immensely. According to the analysis of Digital Commerce 360, for the first half of 2020 on average visits to North American e-commerce websites jumped 125% compared to 2019. People buy not only goods but also services online. What can be done contactless and remotely for the same period and money has advantage during the pandemic.

E-commerce is on the spike including the platforms that help to improve product visibility and brand awareness. To truly take advantage of e-commerce platforms, they must match your business model’s needs.

What is e-PR.online?

There are many e-commerce platforms available, but this one is an ideal solution for companies looking to evolve in digital marketing and climb to Google Search’s top results. e-PR.net is a platform with strong outreach and dissemination capacity providing means for individuals or businesses to enlarge and enhance their reach by sending the messages to their audience via preferred media outlets. e-PR has created a network of hundreds of media in the States, the UK, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere.

The model is sound and simple. There is a brand or a business that needs attention of specific audience. The brand representative may go to the e-PR website, send a request specifying their needs and goals and request a quote. Shortly, the PR, marketing or communications specialist matches their needs with the best possible media outlet to get desired outcome. e-PR is the only online platform that provides services of marketing, communications and Search Engine Optimization while reducing the additional fees and time that specialised agencies will require.

7 reasons to choose e-PR

There are ample high-quality tools to support your business once you use e-PR. There are 7 reasons for choosing e-PR:

1: You can send press releases and order copywriting services digitally in just a few clicks.

2: You can request SEO and still avoid long procedures and huge fees for the service.

3: You can ask for a professional brand evaluation and communication strategy designed just for your brand and company.

4: Doing business with media outlets is easier for companies due to e-PR’s special prior agreement where the online platform itself is the middle-man between businesses and media.

5: You can create customer accounts, which permit you to store customer details in the safest possible fashion and make PR campaign experiences hassle-free.

6: e-PR offers various pricing tiers, with basic pricing plans for a one-time job and annual or monthly subscription for large businesses with long-term communication-strategy.

7: There are several payment methods and currencies to choose from.

In short, for companies that want to be recognizable in the digital world fast and without hiring marketing, SMM or communication specialists, e-PR is the best place to start.

Shopping for media outreach from Russia to the United States

e-PR collaborates with several big-name outlets, from British “Reuters” to Russian “Vedomosti”. You can understand why big names trust the platform. It has big partner-database, personalises approach to each client and allows customers to reach their goals with minimum budget, time and efforts. Everything you need for your business to be a success online is built-in, boosting your odds of turning your small brand into a large-scale business.

To design and implement an effective online development strategy for your business, it is vital to choose the platform that will help you to improve your product visibility and brand awareness.

According to health experts, COVID-19 may come back more strongly later this year. As an entrepreneur or business representative, you should be ready to evaluate your current practices and plan to sustain them. It is important to monitor the effectiveness of communication to different audiences, evaluate how before and during COVID 19 communications differ and what can be done to implement effective post-pandemic communication strategy.

Eventually, the pandemic will be over. It is important not to take a break in developing your PR and communication tactics as people are shopping online more than ever. If you want to be on Google’s top results or be recognizable as a brand, use pandemic wisely rather than pausing your communication and PR activities.