Dominate the Market With These 4 Beer Marketing Strategies

By Guest Author | marketing | December 25, 2020

It seems like it should be easy to market beer, right? People who buy beer… well, they love beer. For many, cracking a cold one at the end of the workday is a tremendous joy.

However, if you think beer marketing is simple, you’re dead wrong. Beer marketing campaigns require research, time, and skill to be truly successful. There are no shortcuts in this industry.

Are you looking for a beer marketer’s insights to spice up your ad campaign? Keep reading. We’ll walk you through 4 new beer marketing strategies to make your marketing pop.

1. Make it Personal

Beer is personal. The person who picks an IPA is different from the person who picks a pilsner is different from the person who chooses a light brew. And so on.

Every beer drinker has a reason for why their favourite beer earned the top spot in their mind. It doesn’t even have to be theirs – many brewers have a personal story behind the beers they craft, as well.

In other words – know your audience, and know what you’re selling. The specific type of beer, the ABV, the brew method – everything is significant, and everything must be taken into account in your marketing campaign.

2. Don’t Rule Anyone Out

Rule #2 might sound like it contradicts Rule #1, but they can live in harmony.

While you want to market to people who already know about your beer, you also don’t want to exclude those who may give it a try sometime. Don’t cut yourself off at the knees before your campaign even goes live by alienating potential customers.

Diverse focus groups are a powerful tool. You should test a wide range of groups on your beer marketing ideas and invite criticism that can illustrate flaws you may not have realized were there.

3. Focus on Taste

It seems obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees.

This is a product made for people to consume, so taste is king. And much like with wine connoisseurs, a true beer drinker will know when marketers are using a hodgepodge of buzzwords to disguise a beer’s flavor.

Bottom line – it’s important to be authentic when describing the taste. It’s the first thing a beer drinker experiences after the bottle hisses open, and it’s what they’ll remember after it’s gone.

4. Make it Look Great

A beer label can make or break the brand. It can spell the difference between a consumer picking up your cans at the store or walking on by without even noticing.

Most brewers aren’t graphic designers. That’s okay. A beer label creator is your friend here. What’s important is that the label is clean, professional, and bright. The label style should match your beer’s personality – whatever that means to you, and however you describe it in your ads.

Beer Marketing is Important

Beer marketing is tough but crucial. It’s a balancing act between selling to current customers and prospective ones. You want to look cool and new, but also reliable and friendly. There’s usually no one right answer.

However, if you’re running a beer campaign, these four tips can immediately strengthen your brand. Try them out today and see how well they work for your beer business.