Cybersecurity Threats App Developers Should Be Aware Of

By Kevin Devoto | cybersecurity RISKS | June 13, 2022

As an application designer, you can run into many issues as you and your team create the perfect program for your client. One of these challenges is how to keep hackers, viruses, and malware from corrupting what you are working on. There are several factors that you should be aware of before you begin writing your code. Here are a few cybersecurity threats app developers should be aware of.

Issues With the Operating System

When you develop your app, you must depend on multiple tools to help you finish it. One of these tools would be the operating system that you were designing on and that of the device you will be uploading your application to. However, many of these systems have issues being properly secured by the manufacturers of the software. When you begin creating, be sure that the computer you are on and the equipment you will be sending the final product to have been updated. Find out what is SSL certificate before using any online programs to construct your app. Research if there are any current problems with the latest version and make the appropriate changes to block out hackers and viruses.

Lack Of Storage For Your Data

An application takes a significant amount of storage on your server to operate correctly. When it lacks the space, it can compromise the vital systems needed to protect both your and your customers’ data. It is also one of the main reasons that apps are rejected by the organizations that promote them. Before you get started, check the memory and hard drive of the computer that you will be keeping this on. Verify that you have enough area to hold your information. If you are unsure that it will maintain what you design, look for a new piece of equipment or install additional hardware into it.

Insufficient Security For Your App

Whether you are the sole developer or you share the responsibility with others, you will need to design security measures to prevent outside influences from tampering with your work. The most common method to do this is passwords. However, they will have trouble working properly if you or those you collaborate with utilize ones that are easy to guess or eliminate altogether. Choose a word or phrase that only you will know and find a way to add numerals or special characters to it. Another option you have, if you would like to reinforce the protection of your app at its beginning stages, is two-factor authentication. You can also apply software that uses the face recognition program on your phone. This option will only allow those who have authority to be part of the project to access it.

Too Many Individuals Have Access To It

An application for a large company or organization can have multiple developers working on it. If you are the head of a team like this, take account of who is assigned to the project and those who might have moved on to something else. Keep this number of individuals as small as possible. This is a potentially weak area where hackers can break in and do damage to your program. They can use the login and password of someone who once was a part of the group that created the app and make changes to harm it or steal the vital data within it. When someone leaves, deactivate their credentials or delete them altogether. Set up a system of alarms that will warn you if a new device that has yet to be authorized has signed on or altered any code. Set up protocols to fix anything that has been changed as soon as you can. There are many issues on the internet today that can corrupt and destroy the app that you are working on. Having an updated operating system, adequate storage, and a limited number of developers can ensure that your program is safe and secure.