Businesses That Can Only Exist Online

By Guest Author | business ideas online | July 21, 2020

The internet has fully changed the way society operates day-to-day, and could perhaps be considered the most impactful technological invention in history. The internet has given us additional ways to interact with our friends, entertain ourselves and even advertise our businesses and has also been a platform for businesses and people alike to communicate and learn.

However, for some businesses, the internet isn’t just a tool to help them be more productive or profitable. There are many businesses that fully rely on the internet to perform their function, meaning that in a world without the internet, these businesses and thus, many individuals’ livelihoods, wouldn’t exist. Here are some of the most inventive and exciting business ventures that have only been made possible because of the advent of the internet.


Dropshipping is an interesting online business and one that can be started by anyone because of the lack of startup costs. Dropshipping, in a nutshell, is running an online store where you don’t own, manufacture or even store the products, making it incredibly cheap to maintain.

The process of a dropshipping company is easy enough to understand: you list products on your website, and these can be whatever you want, be it items to cater to a niche or items to appeal to a wide audience. When an order is made on your website, you then need to purchase that product from a third-party company, such as the manufacturer or wholesaler, for a lower price and then send it off to the customer. Of course, there’s more to drop shipping, but it’s proving to be a popular and very risk-free online venture for a lot of people.

Website Flipping

It’s important not to get website and domain flipping confused, as there are key differences that make them extremely unique from each other. Website flipping is the process of obtaining a website and improving it in some way to make it more valuable and then selling it on for a profit. As a lot of businesses desire websites to sell their products and increase their audience, meaning website flipping can be very lucrative. Due to the nature of how intensive it is, for people to be successful in website flipping, they need to be at least competent with basic HTML coding, website design, and various other skills, making it a very much specialized business venture.

If you have the skills, it can be the perfect side-hustle as it doesn’t require a great deal of effort and can be worked upon in the comfort of your own home. There are various ways to improve a website to make it more valuable, such as implementing better on-page SEO, writing optimized and engaging content, and editing the design to make it more attractive. This leads us nicely onto the next business.

Digital marketing

As more businesses try to compete with each other, there is only one way they can stand out, and that is through a strong digital marketing campaign. The marketing industry used to be one that revolved around posters, newspaper articles, and television adverts, but the introduction of the internet has changed the way we market. Now you can start a digital marketing company and aid other businesses/individuals in their SEO efforts, in turn, boosting their online visibility. Just make sure to market your business well first.