Black Office Kitchen Ideas

By Guest Author | office | April 23, 2021

The office environment has taken a drastic change in recent times. This is the era of home offices as home renovation ideas are becoming more trendy and affordable and more emphasis is given on how to capitalize on the limited space available in our houses to create an air of calm to boost our productivity. Yet, offices are not out of the equation.

Companies are pulling strings to make the office kitchens as appealing and modern as possible by employing unconventional themes and designs. This is where black office kitchen ideas can shine truly.

When we think about home renovation, it is a stereotype to use light colors in combination with bright colors. This makes the room appear large and wide but it does not add much to its character. Black being the ultimate color for luxury, mystery, and rebellion can help you give the much-needed look to your office kitchen.

In this post, we will go through some home renovation ideas associated only with unique black office kitchen to give you a glimpse of what it will look like.

Open Black

This is a risky project but all things are risks that come in black. In this design, all of your kitchens are in black, matte black to be precise, with a splash of dark grey and wood brown at some points. 

The central table has a base of granite that corresponds perfectly with the black of the wall. All great things aside, you need to be sure about the look and placing of all the kitchen appliances and fixtures because it is an open space and everything will have a strong effect on the overall look of the place.

Black & White

When it comes to home renovation ideas, there is no contrast of colors that is more pronounced than black and white. The duo has deep philosophical meanings, both in isolation and combination. Even the visuals are a sight to behold. This is what allows it to secure a spot on this list.

In this design, the white encapsulates the proverbial black in the form of white walls, central tables, and floors. For the rest of the kitchen including shelves, cabins, and even fixtures, you need to go back to reinforce the black.

Chrome & Black

Chrome and steel are two metal and alloy materials that easily complement the black. This is the reason you will find them abundantly in almost every modern office kitchen, even when they are not sporting black.

You can place a wooden dining table with black cabinets, countertops, and walls. If you fancy it, you can go for a monochromatic painting that can be either in black or in white. Also, place the windows in a position where you can enjoy plenty of natural light.

Modern Black

Thinking about various home renovation ideas, black was never a dull color. It is also one of the primitive colors that can adapt to the modern world with ease. In this office kitchen setting, you will go for curves and round edges along the length of the countertops and sides of the shelves. The wavy patterns they make will go perfectly with the black floor and black and white paneled walls.

Again, go for wall-sized windows to get as much natural light in as possible.

Industrial Black

This design has all the elements to appreciate the raw, efficient, and smart usage of space.

The big winding ventilating fan snakes the ceiling of the space. The extreme side of the kitchen has a white block of the fridge that complements the rest of the black.

The rafters are in wooden color and the fixtures of the place, including chairs, tables, and cabinets are in dark wood color. The pans and pots hang through the ceiling which gives the look and feel of modernism across space.

Red & Black

It does not matter if you do not have time and an eye for the details. Black can still shine in simplicity and then coupled with other bright colors – in this case, RED!

Red inspires urgency and fear and it can certainly pop out everything in a room with a blast. When you couple it with the mighty black, it creates a masterpiece.

In this office kitchen design, everything is a simple, block, and black, with the exception of red. This includes red chairs, doorknobs, and other fixtures and appliances that are easily available in the color.

You can also add other color elements that can show the contrast of black and red.

Light Black

Not all blacks are created equal, some are just not dark. This theme is alive in this design where dark grey is used with black hues. It is not dark nor is it jet black. But it strikes the perfect balance between light and dark.

This helps the space pop out with colour and light. Also, you will have more area to experiment with other different colours for fixtures and appliances. 

Cover photo by armin djuhic on Unsplash