Best Platforms for Selling Online

By Guest Author | ecommerce | September 22, 2020

Thanks to the Internet, not having a brick and mortar store is no longer a hindrance to retail success. If you’re wondering how to start selling online business, there are several eCommerce platforms to consider.


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Due to the unique nature of your products and the features each marketplace offers, not all of them will be the right fit for your needs. However, by finding the right place for your services or products, you can strategically grow your online venture. In addition, marketplaces make selling online during COVID possible. In this article, we will discover what they are and enlist the most popular eCommerce platforms for selling online.

What Is an ECommerce Platform?

This an online system that allows businesses to build an eCommerce website that integrates elements for selling online. While a standard website builder comes with features for adding posts, menus, and pages, an eCommerce platform takes it a notch higher by incorporating payment processing, product management, shipping tools, and more. Let’s now take a look at the three selling online best sites.


Walmart is a great place for selling online for beginners. If you want to become a seller on Walmart, you have to apply, and once you’re approved, you’ll gain access to more than 100 million shoppers every month. The approval requirements include having competitive pricing, a variety of high-quality products, and fast fulfillment practices. With Walmart, you can only sell as a seller or drop-ship vendor, not both. Since your listings will look similar to Walmart’s, you can stand out with your pricing, return policy, and custom shipping to boost sales.

One advantage of using Walmart is that it integrates with different service providers. This allows you to automate your selling experience, however much you want. For example, you can integrate with a provider for two-day shipping. Other benefits include access to Walmart’s safety features and customer support.


Shopify is a unique eCommerce platform and a website builder for eCommerce companies. With Shopify, you can easily select from various eCommerce web design templates to create your site fast. The design templates, which can be paid or free, make it possible for you to launch your online store. If you have a vast catalog of products, it’s easy to upload them, details included, to your Shopify store. All you need is a .csv file. Shopify comes with an in-built feature for product advertisement. For instance, if you want to launch ads on Google or Facebook, you can do it from Shopify, making it convenient to promote your brand and products. You’ll have a seamless transition from engaging a third-party platform to using your site to sell your products.

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Selling Online on Amazon

If you’re a medium or large seller and need exposure to millions of customers, Amazon is well equipped to handle such an influx of traffic. It has strict guidelines for product listing. This ensures that whether shoppers look at an Amazon or your product listing, they are all the same. As such, your items get the same amount of attention as Amazon products, which has shown to increase sales.

Sellers enjoy two key features with Amazon— built-in affiliate program and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With the former, the influencers in your niche are given a special URL that links to their faux storefront. As such, whenever they share your products with their followers, you receive more exposure, and ultimately more sales. FBA means Amazon is responsible for your product returns, packing, and shipping everything you sell.

Final Words

Companies, including gaming sites like Gemix, have reaped the immense benefits of doing business online. Selling online business is lucrative, especially if you select the best-selling online platforms. There are tons of online marketplaces available. Each of them offers unique features and is ideal for different seller niches and sizes, making it crucial to choose the one that best suits your business needs. That said, if you find more than one place suitable for you, you can go right ahead and use more than one. If you consider joining an eCommerce platform and do not know which one to choose, it’s important to compare the market places to see what will work for you exactly. Please let us know which platform you’re using to sell your products or services and how things are going so far.

Alex Norwood is an experienced traveller and an online entrepreneur. He runs a successful eCommerce business and is always on the lookout for new lucrative ways to make money online, and currently trying to be a part-time ghostwriter at Assignyourwriter. Travelling is Alex’s passion, and he has visited over 20 countries in the last 5 years.