An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Italian Investor Visa

By Guest Author | investor visa Italy | September 21, 2021

Italy is a great place for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to explore the idea of starting a business overseas. You have access to a broad market, myriad opportunities, and a liberal tax regime. Moreover, it is an incredible place to start a life with your family. You get access to excellent education and healthcare facilities and can travel visa-free across the EU. Another good reason to start a business in the country is the Italian investor visa. The Italy investor visa program is fast and simple, and you can get started with your venture sooner than you imagine. You can connect with Bersani Law Firm to get expert assistance right from the start

Here is an entrepreneur’s guide you can go through to get started with the process confidently. 

Know the eligibility norms

Essentially, the investor visa is meant for high-net-worth individuals who can invest a hefty sum in the country’s economy. You are eligible once you invest a specific sum, following which you get an investor visa and residence permit to live in the country. Once you have the permit, you can start a business here. You can choose one of the following investment options to secure eligibility:

— Existing local startup- €250,000
— A local company  incorporated and operating in Italy-  €500,000
— A donation supporting a public interest project- €1 million
— Italian government bonds- €2 million

You can pick either of these options, but you will have to retain the investment as long as you want to stay in the country. You can extend the visa period until you reach the naturalization criteria and apply for citizenship.

Pursue the application process

Once you are all set with the investment amount, you can go ahead with the application process. The good thing is that you have to invest only after you get the visa. Until then, you have to show valid proof of funds and intention to invest in the country. The Golden Visa involves a three-step process and does not take a lot of time and effort. But you must still have an expert showing the way. Here are the steps you need to follow.

— Get a nulla osta or a no-objection certificate from the Investors Committee for Italy. You will have to fill some forms online and submit a list of documents for ID verification, criminal checks, and proof of funds. The authorities check the documents and details and issue a nulla osta within 30 days if everything is in place.
— You have to submit the certificate along with other ID documents to your local consulate and apply for the investor visa. Ensure they are certified and translated into Italian.
— Once you get your investor visa, you can arrive in Italy and get your residence permit from your local police station. The two-year residence permit allows you to live and run a business in the country. You can extend it further before its expiration date.

Running a lucrative business in Italy is easy, and you will want to stay here for the long haul once you set up. Fortunately, an investor visa lets you qualify for citizenship by naturalization after completing a decade in the country. Meanwhile, you can get the residency benefits and grow your business here.

Cover photo by Dan Novac on Unsplash