A guide to building a new WordPress website for your business

By Guest Author | SEO | November 18, 2021

Creating a new website from scratch is not the work of a moment, which is why many people choose to use a web-building service like WordPress. 

Although this makes the whole process simpler, there is still a lot to learn, especially if you want to create a site that will eventually hold vast amounts of content – if you run a blog or e-commerce business, for example.

Whether you are a brand-new business looking to launch your brand or an established corporation needing a refresh, there are a lot of factors to consider if you want to build a brand-new website using WordPress.

For example, you will need to consider whether you want to consult with a specialist who can help you build your website. You will also need to ensure the site is SEO-friendly, is content rich and is simple enough to easily manage without spreading yourself too thinly.

Here is a guide to building your new WordPress website for your business:

You may need help building the structure of the site itself

WordPress may allow you to build websites relatively quickly, but it does not mean it is easy. 

If you want to build an attractive website that is able to perform at a high speed, gives your customers a seamless experience without glitches, and has all the plugins you need to make it function correctly, then you’re looking at a lengthy development process.

Unless you happen to be an IT expert, this will be a nuisance. There is no way you will be able to dedicate a meaningful amount of time to building a website from scratch if you are busy running a business. 

Therefore, you may want to use a specialist agency that can build the site for you. For example, ALT Agency develops WordPress websites for businesses. By outsourcing the work to a team of specialists, your website will be built to the highest standards, and you can concentrate on your company instead of worrying about doing it yourself. 

Keep it simple to start with

As with any new website, it is best to keep your WordPress site as simple as possible – at least to begin with. 

This will ensure it is manageable and straightforward to populate. Gradually, you can begin to build the site out to include more pages, as both your business and website evolve. 

Create a backlog of content before you make the site live

A great trick to remember when it comes to launching your website is to create a backlog of content before your site goes live. This will give you a useful head start and allow you to populate your website faster.

Empty websites are not a good look, so ensure you have at least a few blog posts ready to go. 

Make sure it is SEO-friendly

Talking of content, you need to ensure that the blog posts, landing pages and product descriptions you do create are SEO-friendly.

This means making them as engaging and useful as possible, while integrating a number of target market keywords.