7 Ways to Increase Your Startup’s Traffic by Repurposing Content Effectively

By Guest Author | marketing | September 16, 2020

Nowadays, content is king and queen. No matter what area of business you’re in or operating in, finding leads and driving up your levels of success all depends on the content you’re creating to get people there in the first place. Of course, creating content is hard.


One of the most common ways to diversify the content you’re creating is repurposing it. That means taking content you’ve already created and transform the bulk of it into something else, thus maximising your results. Here are seven ways to do just that.

1. Use Your Email List

I cannot stress this enough. An email list is by far the most successful way to connect with your audience. When reliable statistics repeatedly state that connecting with audiences via email is at least 40% more effective than Facebook or Twitter, this is something you can’t miss.

Repurposing for email is also very simple. All you need to do is simply condense your post done into an actionable and valuable email, post the entire post into the email, or write a nice message related to the post and then link through to the post. However you choose to do, don’t ignore the power of email.

2. Turn Data into an Infographic

The best content on the internet is visual content, so the more visual you can make your posts, the more eyes you’re going to attract. A really simple way of doing this is creating infographics. Just take any data point or post you’re working with, and make it visual, taking out the key points and highlighting them on your image.

3. Post Your Content Elsewhere

A really simple approach to repurposing your content is not to repurpose it at all but to instead post it in different places. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re plagiarising content and posting any content anywhere but get your posts to highlight on other websites.

Blogger websites like as Thrive, Thought Catalog, Medium, and Buzzfeed, just to name a few, are great places to get your original posts highlighted and shared to massive audiences. Just search each website to see how you do it!

4. Turn Your Content into Answers

“Quora is actually one of the biggest websites in the world and a great place to find potential traffic and leads. This is because people who visit this website don’t tend just to be scrolling mindlessly. Instead, they’re there for a reason. They’re looking for valuable content,” shares Jenna Marie, a business blogger at UKWritings and Boomessays.

Simply head over and sign up to the website (chances are you already have an account from many moons ago), and start answering questions in your niche and industry, using the content you’ve already created for your business.

5. Create a Podcast

Okay, this repurposing method may be a little extreme if you don’t already have your own podcast, but if you do, then make sure you’re taking the subject and data of the content you’re already creating and turn it into a podcast episode. Have the episode revolve around that post.

If you don’t already have a podcast, then seriously start thinking about whether or not it would be good for your business because podcasts are incredibly popular if you’re consistent and do it right. It doesn’t even take that much investment to get started!

6. Create Video Content

“While you may have a ton of social media posts, articles, and blog posts, going hand in hand with what we said above when it comes to visual content, video content is the biggest step you can take. Go onto any social media platform, and you’ll see that video content is dominating the airways,” explains Ben Harper, a tech writer at Assignment Help and Australianhelp.

Sure, video content can be hard and expensive to create, although it doesn’t have to. Quality is important, so make sure you’re providing as much value as possible and taking advantage of the hype that video has created.

7. Create an Informative Guide

People are always on the internet looking for helpful information and value that can make their lives better, so get on creating guides for them to follow that can help them find purpose, meaning, and/or achieve something.

The chances are a lot of your content has the aim of providing valuable information into someone’s life, so make it super easy. You don’t need to make a full online course (although you definitely should if you have enough content) but even just a video, text, or presentation guide is enough.

Katherine Rundell is a content marketing strategist and editor at Write My Essay and Big Assignments. She assists companies in making the most of modern marketing opportunities and contributes to Essay writing services reviews.