7 Most Popular Job Which Doesn’t Require Higher Education

By Guest Author | jobs | November 2, 2021

It is a myth that you need to have a college degree or an MBA before you can land a well-paying job. In reality, several well-paying jobs do not require higher education, and several people with and without a degree are in this line of work. 


So if you are seeking a job that pays you well without requiring that you go to a higher institution for four years, there are many out there for you. These jobs emphasize the individual’s skills, not their educational background or work experience. What they need are hard skills, not a college degree. In some cases, you may need to undergo an apprenticeship, certificate program, or vocational training to get the necessary skills for this job, but not a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

This article discusses seven of the most popular high-paying jobs that you can do without higher education

1. Computer security analyst

They are also called information security analysts, and their job is to protect the computer systems and networks of an organization. It is possible to come across employers requiring a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree in computer science and information systems. However, most companies emphasize the individual’s skills in IT security, programming, and computer science over specific degrees. 

2. Commercial pilot

These are pilots that execute unscheduled flight activities, like aerial tours, charter flights, aerial applications. They are also known as transport company executives or corporate pilots in some quarters and are responsible for non-flight duties like loading luggage, arranging for aircraft maintenance, and scheduling flights. 

According to AssignmentHolic, to become a commercial pilot, you need to have a high school diploma and get a commercial pilot’s license. In most cases, commercial pilots get their training from schools offering flight training or from independent FAA-certified flight instructors. 

3. Computer programmer

A computer programmer creates, writes, and tests codes that allow applications and computer programs to function. Computer programmers are expected to know several computer languages such as C++, Java, etc., and they can work in different companies. This job is also very flexible and gives room for them to telecommute since they are mainly working on computers. 

Although some computer programmers have bachelor’s degrees, some only have extensive coding experience or an associate degree. Some programmers also get certified in specific languages to improve their chances of getting hired. 

4. Database Manager

Database managers are also called database administrators, and the job entails storing and organizing data using specialized software. Their responsibility is to ensure that data is available and secure to people that need to access it. A database manager can work in almost all industries. Still, according to assignment help in best essay writing services, you will typically find them working for companies that provide computer systems design and support. 

While the job of a database manager may require a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a field such as management information systems, however, it is not a priority for most employers as they focus on database managers with a strong understanding of database languages like Structures Query Language (SQL). 

5. Power distributors and dispatchers

These people are also called system operators, and their job is to control electricity flow as it travels from the generating stations to other substations and the users. They are also responsible for monitoring voltage transformers, current converters, circuit breakers through a transmission network and distribution lines. They also have to resolve issues such as transformer failures or transmission line failures. 

Before you can become a power dispatcher or distributor, you need to have a high school diploma in addition to several years of experience and onsite training. Some of these people have roles that may affect the power grid and require specific certification before they are allowed to take on this job. 

6. Radiologic technician

They are also called radiographers, and they perform diagnostic imaging such as X-rays on patients. Most times, they work under a physician, taking the images that the physician requests and helping to evaluate these images. You can find them in the hospitals, laboratories, outpatient care centers, and physician’s offices. 

Most radiographers have associate degrees in radiologic technology or MRI, and it takes less than two years (typically 18 months) to complete these programs. There are also several other certificate programs that they can take on that take a year or two.

7. Criminal investigators and detectives

These are law enforcement officers, and they typically gather facts and collect evidence to solve criminal cases. They take part in arrests and raids, observe the suspect’s activities, examine records, and conduct interviews. In most cases, they specialize mainly in a type of crime such as fraud or homicide and work on criminal cases until they make an arrest and conduct a trial or until the criminal case is dropped.

Before you can become a detective, you need to have a high school diploma, at least. However, some police departments and many federal agencies may require a college degree or college coursework.


Many other jobs range across several industries and sectors that you can do and get paid handsomely without ever stepping foot in a higher institution or getting a degree. However, the few jobs mentioned in this article are top-rated jobs that do not require a college degree.

Aziz Nicleson is a journalist with four years of experience working in London magazine “Shop&buy,” providing professional writing services. He also has previous experiences working at Essay Mama and essay writers UK. In addition, he is a professional mini-tennis player, and he has written a novel, “His heart.”