7 Accessories To Keep While Travelling With Your Pet

By Guest Author | pets travelling | June 22, 2021

Traveling is much more exciting and fun when your four-legged friend is around. Pets are often your perfect travel buddies, and traveling can provide them a healthy and active lifestyle.


But a quick walk to the store and a full day trip isn’t the same. Traveling with pets can be an overwhelming task with multiple bathroom breaks, food, and water breaks. Not to forget the stress of not finding much space for your pet to roam when on transport.

While it takes a little extra effort with pets, there are accessories available that allow your pet to enjoy their outdoor trip with you.

Pet travel gears are essential to keep your pet safe and comfortable and improve his vacation. Whether it’s your first trip with your pet or a seasoned one, the following seven accessories can guarantee a seamless trip with your fur buddy.

1.  Collapsible Food and Water Bowls

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Traveling with standard bowls isn’t a good choice. They are heavy and occupy space. Collapsible bowls are a more convenient option. These bowls occupy less space and are lightweight, which makes them easy to store and carry.

Collapsible bowls are ideal for hiking, camping, or on the beach. Having them with you means you don’t have to worry about your dog drinking dirty or salty water.  Travel bowls score over bottles since you don’t need to gush water in their mouth.

Travel dog bowls are made from non-toxic materials and come in various sizes and colors. You can get one bowl for drinking and one for food to keep your dog full and hydrated.

2.  Pet Travel Crate

You might feel guilty about confining your pet to an enclosed space, but pet crates are one of the best things to travel with. They are safe and incredibly secure. Travel crates increase the security and comfort of your pets, so they are less likely to get distressed. 

Travel crates come in all sizes, so they are ideal for pets of every size. If you are traveling with your pet by air, make sure you follow specific guidelines set by the airlines.

Always crate train your dog beforehand so it gets used to the crate’s smell when traveling. It will keep your pet happy and confident.

Travel crates are an essential accessory, especially if your dog is mischievous and keeps running around.

3.  GPS Pet Tracker

Losing your pet in an unfamiliar place can be terrifying. But it is often hard to keep track of your dog during hiking or camping, especially when they like running around and exploring. 

In such situations, a pet tracker provides you peace of mind. GPS collar trackers update the location in real-time and will precisely locate your pet even in congested areas.

They are small and light, so you can clip them onto your dog’s collar and track his activity using your mobile device.

4.  Calming Treats and Supplements

Traveling with hyperactive and excited pets can be messy. A long journey on a plane or car can lead to motion sickness, make them agitated, or cause anxiety.

Calming treats are designed to relieve stress and help your pet enjoy the ride. These treats contain a mixture of herbs and nutrients that can manage a pet’s anxiety and stress level.

Also called calming chews or bites, these natural supplements may promote calmness in your pets and help them focus. Make sure to ask your veterinarian about them.

5.  Pet Ramps

If your pet has trouble getting in and out of the car due to aging or injury, or you face your physical limitations, pet ramps are the best option for you.

Dog ramps are portable and foldable, which makes them ideal for your long road trip. They alleviate safety issues and minimize stress to your dog’s joints (and yours too).

Travel ramps can help small and big pets, which are too reluctant, to enter and exit a vehicle.

6.  Pet First-Aid Kit

Since mishaps and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, it is essential to carry a first aid kit for your pet. Pet first aid kits are helpful to deal with any emergency that your pet can come up with.

Ideally, a well-prepared first aid kit should contain essentials like a muzzle, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, gloves, and gauze pads.

The kit should also carry your pet’s medical records, including prescribed vaccines for your pet’s allergies or fever.

7.  Pet Strollers

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A stroller is the best way to transport your pet from your vehicle to the hotel room or walk with him to new places. Pet strollers eliminate the risk of your pet getting tangled in crowded places or being bullied by aggressive dogs.

Pet strollers eliminate the risk of your pet running in the wrong direction and creating a buffer zone for passerby. Carrying your pet in strollers also means that you can visit any place you like without tiring your dog.

Strollers are collapsible, which makes them easily fit your car’s trunk. They make it easier for you and your dog to travel in a car, boat, or recreational vehicle. 


Source: unsplash.com

Always take time to think ahead and prepare everything for your pet’s travel needs.

Use this guide to identify and pack your pet travel essentials.

Once you’ve packed every essential item for your pet, you are ready to make memories with your travel companion without hassles.