6 Ways to Use Digital Signage to Boost Your Business

By Guest Author | DIGITAL | March 25, 2021

Digital signage is a type of electronic signage that uses LED and LCD screens to display digital images, videos, weather data, advertisements, and website pages.


LED and LCD screens are a significant part of digital signage as they are the central items used for display. Business owners use digital signage to boost their businesses. Below are a few ways digital signage can be used for this purpose;

1. Promoting a product or service

One of the primary ways businesses can use digital signage is to promote products and services. Digital signage can be used as a marketing tool to visualize and promote various products to old and new customers. Digital signage tools capture potential and existing clients’ attention since they use bright screens with contrastable backgrounds. This form of marketing’s effectiveness depends on the way and amount of creativity you put into it using a scalable digital display application. For instance, you need to create a suitable product to display on the digital signage tools. It is worth mentioning that the scrolling text element on digital signage screens is sufficient to make viewers absorb all the information as they can slow down product promotion advertisements.

2. Explaining the value of a product or service

In business, a product or service is created as a solution to an existing problem or need. It is in the definition of entrepreneurship (the process of identifying a need or business opportunity, gathering resources, starting and running a business). Therefore, explaining the value of a product or service is an essential step in running a business. You can do this by presenting a need or problem in society and how your product or service can help solve or eliminate it. Note that consumers are often looking for value in whatever they purchase. For instance, a consumer will not buy a TV if they do not know why, how, and where they will use it. Using digital signage to explain your product’s value or service will help with marketing your business.

3. Entertainment

Digital signage can also be used to entertain customers. Service providers like banks and insurance companies can use digital signage to engage their customers as they wait to be served. This will help keep them from getting bored in delaying rooms and changing their minds or postponing your service purchase. Other businesses beyond the service industry can also use digital signage to entertain clients through creative ads and custom messages. The messages have to be both entertaining and informative so that they can double as marketing tools.

4. Communicating within the workplace

Communication in the workplace is paramount for the success of any business. Therefore, you can also use digital signage as a tool to communicate with your workmates or team. You can use digital signage tools to share meeting calendars and guidelines over the screen. You can also use digital signage to run an appreciation note for employees who achieve goals and put more effort. Doing this will ensure efficiency in the workplace hence boosting the performance of your business.

5. Displaying reviews and testimonials

According to research, clients trust reviews and testimonials more than advertisements and information on business websites. Businesses also report that positive reviews attract most repeat and new clients. This means that clients often check reviews of a product before purchasing it. Therefore, you can use digital signage to display reviews of products. The reviews will help drive more clients to your business or products. You can fetch customer reviews from social media accounts or your official business website. There are several other sources where clients review products like TrustPilot.

6. Answering FAQs

Digital signage tools can come in handy when answering Frequently Asked Questions about a business or product. Answering these questions will give clients a better idea of who you are and what your products are. By giving them a better understanding of your operations, you can attract more clients. However, this would be more effective if you answered genuine questions. You can look up the most commonly asked question about your product on search engines like Google. You can also use the information present on your website.

There are several other ways you can use digital signage to promote your business. However, the method you choose depends on your industry, the type of products or services you offer, and your business model.

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash