6 High Demand Healthcare Jobs in 2021

By Guest Author | covid healthcare jobs | January 24, 2021

Although the pandemic has caused a tremendous shift in the economy and so many businesses and industries are either struggling or at the brink of collapse, the healthcare industry is rapidly growing.


With such a demand to consider, it’s no wonder that so many medical occupations are growing in popularity. In densely populated cities, more medical professionals are needed to help stifle and stop the pandemic, but even more so to provide ongoing care to chronic patients.

With so many different branches and sectors, the medical field is riddled with opportunities, some more lucrative and opportune than others for the time being. This year, especially due to the pandemic and the related healthcare requirements, the following occupations in this industry will be in high demand and more people in the medical field will aim to qualify for such jobs.

Home health aides

The healthcare industry includes numerous positions that allow medical professionals to help people outside of hospitals and clinics. In fact, as people age, more will need in-home care and assistance from specialized home health aides, especially if they have chronic illnesses, dementia, or mobility issues that are common for seniors.

Even more than that, home health aides will often participate in the lives of their patients. They will be their companions, help with shopping, mental stimulation, socialization, and the like. You need to be patient, caring, and compassionate, in addition to working on your healthcare education in order to be able to spot health issues, symptoms, and help the patient accordingly.

Nurse practitioners

Nurses are needed in every single branch of medicine, and they are at the front lines with EMTs, in emergency rooms, helping patients recover, and their role is irreplaceable in the industry. There are different courses and schools you can choose to get a nursing degree, but they all provide the
fundamentals that will give you the chance to work in a multitude of medical institutions.

Although their qualifications can vary, preparing for nursing school is advisable so that you can advance more quickly and build up your experience more easily. You’ll need to prepare for the fast-paced
environment of hospitals, master emergency and life support procedures and get to know the latest nursing procedures. It’s a job with a multitude of responsibilities, but one that is incredibly rewarding and shows great promise for growth.


One of the most versatile healthcare positions, and definitely one of the most rewarding ones as well, being a physician allows you to work on prevention, diagnosis, as well as treatment. Physicians are needed in all stages of our lives, and are therefore always in demand, making this job indispensable.

Not only does the job pay well, and the salaries will sometimes even match that of a surgeon, but it’s also secure. Considering that the demand is only expected to increase over the next several months, it will become easier to find and keep this position if you decide to commit to being a physician.

Biomedical engineers

A slightly different occupation that is a blend of working with innovative technology and medicine all at once, biomedical engineering is growing in popularity and demand alike. This occupation requires in-depth knowledge in medicine and technology alike, meaning that you will be working with intricate tech systems and software as well as human physiology.

The job of a biomedical engineer is a complex one, although it will vary depending on your specialization and your chosen field of work. You can work on life-saving concepts such as designing and implementing artificial organs, but also equipment such as pacemakers, kidney dialysis, etc.


If you are exceptionally dedicated, work well under pressure, and you have that grit that will allow you to persevere no matter how challenging the situation becomes, then perhaps you have the makings of a surgeon. This particular field is very diverse since surgeons will typically specialize in a field, so that you can dedicate your career to a specific aspect of surgery, allowing you to become a pediatric surgeon, a neurosurgeon, a cardiothoracic surgeon, or anything in between.

This will be one of the most high-demand healthcare jobs in 2021 and beyond, especially since the industry has been affected by the virus, and more qualified workers are needed. However, aesthetic surgery is another branch of this field that is extremely lucrative, although the demand might not be as high as the other sectors in the months to come.

Lab technicians

The diagnostics field is a vast one, and the job of a lab technician therefore an extremely demanding one, including a range of responsibilities that differ every day. Medical lab technicians work with cutting-edge diagnostics equipment in advanced medical labs to diagnose patients, work with samples, and of course in medical research facilities.

Although you might not have face-to-face interactions with patients in all situations, your role as a technician will be vital in discovering their health issues and ensuring they get proper treatment.

With our ageing population, the ongoing pandemic, and advancing medical research, healthcare experts are increasingly in demand across a variety of fields. Thanks to telemedicine, online certification, and cross-departmental qualifications, many people in the medical field can advance even in this situation and look for a career in a field that shows great promise and potential to grow.

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