5 Traits That Set Apart Successful Commercial Cultivators

By Guest Author | cultivation | April 13, 2022

Commercial cultivation is a lucrative business opportunity, regardless of the plant you choose to grow. But it is rife with challenges as you compete with the elements besides the rivals in the market. Moreover, the smallest mistake can have a far-reaching impact on crop quality and yield. However, only doing a bit more can help you deal with the challenges and stay ahead of quality requirements and customer expectations. Let us share a few traits that make successful commercial cultivators stand out in a crowded industry. 

They master the basics 

Commercial cultivation is a complex task, but mastering the basics is enough to do it well. Luckily, following the basic gardening rules is often enough to create a thriving and profitable cultivation operation. The only difference is the scale of growth. Start by choosing the apt medium, such as soil or hydroponics. Check details like availability of adequate air, water, light, and nutrients. Temperature stability and pest control are other fundamentals you must take care of. 

They experiment with new techniques

Successful commercial growers do not stick with conventional methods. They are open to experimentation with new techniques that help them improve the quality and output of their crop. For example, hydroponics can help you grow in smaller spaces. Experimenting with measures like automated irrigation can take you a long way with sustainable operations. Embracing innovation for temperature and lighting control is the key to success for indoor cultivation. 

They invest in research

Success in the commercial cultivation domain comes with good research. Embrace the mindset of continuous improvement with research into new techniques, industry advancements, quality enhancement, and pest control measures. Fortunately, the internet offers endless information for growers. If you are a cannabis grower, look for valuable cannabis growing resources online. Make research a daily habit because the industry is ever-evolving, and there’s always a better way to do things. 

They keep records

Commercial cultivators who are consistent with record keeping do better than those taking a random approach. Maintaining records of your successes and mistakes helps you understand what goes into growing a quality crop. You get a roadmap to follow for achieving bigger and better yields in the future. Ensure detailed and accurate records of all aspects of cultivation so that you can replicate the good ones and steer clear of errors. Good record keeping eliminates guesswork from the process. 

They prioritize equipment maintenance

Quality equipment is the mainstay of success in the industry as you cannot imagine growing on a large scale without proper tools. But you should not take a set-and-forget approach to commercial cultivation equipment. A successful grower prioritizes maintenance to ensure zero downtime and prevent expensive repairs down the line. Moreover, maintaining irrigation, harvesting, and processing tools curb the wastage of water and energy in the long run. The mindset takes you a step closer to sustainable cultivation. 

Commercial cultivation is more than business, it is an art and science. Successful cultivators think that way and do their best to enhance their skills and techniques. You can imbibe these traits to succeed as a grower.