5 Questions you might have about Waste Machinery for your Business

By Guest Author | waste | August 30, 2019

In any business, waste is a by-product that needs to be efficiently dealt with. In this environmentally conscious climate, waste disposal regulations are becoming stricter and businesses are expected to do their bit to lessen the impact they have on the environment. Thankfully, with a little initial investment, businesses can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and lower their running costs in the meantime.

If you are looking for reasons to invest in waste machinery for your business, you may have many questions. Read on to find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about waste machinery for businesses.

What types of waste machinery is there?

There is waste machinery for specific functions.

Shredders cut materials into small pieces, reducing the space taken up in bins. Compactors squash materials together, and balers press and bind materials.

Would I need a shredder, compactor or baler?

The type of waste machinery that is right for your business depends upon the materials you need to dispose of, and the amount. For small office-based businesses or home businesses, a simple shredder and compactor might be enough to lessen removal loads, while larger businesses with a lot of waste might be better using a baler. For more ideas on balers, visit recyclingbalers.com.

What sorts of materials can be baled for recycling?

Almost any recyclable material can be baled. In fact, recycling companies may even pay you for single materials, such as plastics, that have been baled. Other materials include card and paper, wood, and both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Is Waste Machinery Expensive?

There are waste machinery option to suit any business budget. Heavy-duty, new equipment will be more expensive than lighter models, yet there is also the option to lower costs further by purchasing second-hand machinery, or even hiring it. The cost of waste machinery can be viewed as an investment that will save your business money in the long run.

How does Waste Machinery help my Business Save Money?

Rubbish removal companies often charge business per truckload of waste removed. Being able to fit more material into each load, thanks to it being compresses or baled, means that a truck will not need to visit you as often to collect your recyclable waste.

Also, with more regulations being placed upon businesses concerning waste disposal, having efficient recycling systems in place keeps you ahead of the game, potentially saving you money on fines if regulations were not otherwise met.

Using waste machinery bring many advantages to businesses of all sizes. Not only can it help you improve your profit margins by lowering costs, but your business can proudly show customers that it makes an effort to lessen the effect it has on the environment. With more people choosing to do work with businesses that are environmentally friendly, this can bring added benefits such as attracting more custom and helping your business to grow.