3 Super Easy Local SEO Techniques

By Guest Author | LOCAL SEO | September 15, 2021

I’m not going to bore you by telling you how vital Local SEO is in building your business’s online presence. Because you already know that. Instead, I’ll share three easy techniques you can do right now as you read through this blog post. Seriously!

By NICK HOMES, Managing Director at DigiVisi

But, if you’re like, “I need an expert”, then these affordable local SEO services might be ideal for you. Shall we get our hands dirty first, though? Here we go:

Add NAP To Your Website’s Footer

Alright, if you’ve not heard of it, it’s an acronym for Name, Address and Phone. It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is type it into the footer of your website in the following order.




It’s important because Google uses this data to determine which businesses to show for geo-targeted search terms. If NAP is only on your “Contact Us” page, it’s unlikely that Google will display it in the search results when a user searches your service.

However, as it’s in the footer, it shows on all your pages, which helps Google determine your most relevant page and the most suitable businesses to display to the searcher.

Add Links to Your NAP

You can quickly improve your users’ experience by linking each element of NAP. In turn, they’re more likely to contact you. Allow me to explain how I do it.

Firstly, create a link on your ‘Name’ to your homepage. This increases the number of internal links pointing to your homepage, which typically has very few. As a result, it sends Google a signal to rank your website higher for your brand name whenever someone searches it.

Secondly, create a link on your ‘Address’ to your Google My Business. By doing that, it passes on ‘link juice’ from your website to your listing and allows it to rank higher locally. CoFounder has a great article on optimising your Google My Business listing.

Finally, create a link on your ‘Phone’ number, so your users’ phone dials you when they tap on it. Let’s be honest; copying and pasting phone numbers is just annoying! Make it easier for them, and you could have more customers heading your way.

Create Local Business Citations

A study by Brightlocal found that the average local business ranking in the top three positions has 85 local citations. That’s in both the Local Pack (map results) and Local Search (organic listings below the map).

Search the top local citations for your country. It’ll give you a list of websites to create a listing with your NAP details, and most importantly, your website’s URL. NAP has evolved to NAPU.

Tread carefully, though. Because NAP needs to be consistent across all your citations. So, that’s the same name for your business, address and phone number on every local business directory where your cite your business. Otherwise, your website’s performance will decline in the search results as Google sees it as untrustworthy. These are very time consuming, though, so there are services that do it for you such as this local citation building service.


Add your name, address and phone to your website’s footer to help Google show your website to local searches. Create specific links on each part of NAP in the footer to supporting your homepage and Google My Business listing ranking. Finally, create more than 85 local citations to improve your website and Google My Business listings performance in the search results.