3 Areas of Marketing That You Might Not Have Considered

By Guest Author | marketing | January 15, 2022

When you’re in business, the prospect of marketing is more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if’, meaning that trying to consider the best ways to get your name out there is a good thing to do nice and early. Marketing might be something that you’ve given a great deal of consideration to, but it never hurts to have even more suggestions on board. 

There are popular methods, and these might be what you go to first, but it’s important to have more in your back pocket. The sheer popularity of these more sought-after methods might crush down the techniques that you have yet to discover, perhaps giving you the wrong idea that these lesser-known methods aren’t worth your time – but retaining that mentality might be a mistake.

Getting Out in the World

With how much the modern world revolves around the internet and forms of online communication, it makes sense that businesses have naturally gravitated towards this in order to conduct their marketing in these spaces. However, this might also mean that eventually, new businesses stop considering methods of marketing that don’t involve online spaces. This would be a mistake, and the world is as bustling as ever, meaning you have a wide audience to draw to what you and your company come up with. 

What might immediately jump to mind when you’re thinking about this might be billboards and what they can offer you. This isn’t a bad approach, but the downside of a billboard is that it is stationary, and therefore can only offer you the results yielded by that specific area. Instead, you might be interested in researching the best commercial truck wraps available in order to get your marketing on the road. 

Influencers and the Internet

When you think about online marketing, what will likely come to mind is social media, and while that’s certainly an avenue that you should explore, it’s not the only route available to you when you’re trying to make the most of the internet. Instead, what you might prefer is to reach out to people who hold a lot of influence in the online world (appropriately often known as influencers), who can reach out and inform their wide audience of your business and the services that you provide. This could help you to reach audiences that you would otherwise be unaware of. 

Good Old Radio

The option of advertising over the radio might seem outdated to you in a world where online marketing has seemingly dwarfed television advertising, which in itself seemed to substitute the technique of marketing over the radio, but it’s a technique that still holds a lot of merit. The radio is listened to by many people in a variety of circumstances and being able to interact with your audiences in this more passive environment gives you a chance to stick in their memory through the use of memorable jingles or slogans. They might not immediately notice that you’ve gotten inside their heads, but eventually, they’ll find themselves humming along to the tune you’ve come up with.