48 hours to apply to ultimate hackathon

By Tarmo Virki | hackathon | February 11, 2017

The clock is ticking! There are just 48 hours to apply to the ultimate innovation competition Ratkaisu 100 which celebrates Finland’s 100th birthday.

You have until 1600 on Monday, Feb 13 to file your application for a “hackathon” which lasts seven months and has a 1-million-euro prize pool for teams of 3-5 people offering a solution for ‘the better use of everyone’s skills’. The jury will decide how the million is split.

You can apply with a ready team which has been working on a product before the competition. You do not have to be Finnish to apply, but you should have at least one Finnish speaker in the team as applications are in Finnish and the competition events are held in Finnish.

Of course, it’s about building the team first, but if you have a great idea and there are just two of you — do reach out to your friends in social media or real life to find that extra team member to qualify for the competition.

Many startup gurus say the ideal team has three members: hacker, hipster and hustler. The hacker is making the product, the hipster is making it beautiful and the hustler selling it. In the case of #Ratkaisu100 you might also benefit from a slightly larger team with also someone possibly bringing in the know-how for example from the education sector.

The organisers at Sitra have put down some rules — like the solution must create a model that enables better recognition and/or use of qualifications, skills and competencies of people — which mean that most likely many ideas which are offered fall into categories of EdTech and HR. Finland’s strong brand as a global education hub can surely help to drive your project well beyond Finnish borders.

We know that in 48 hours most of you can build a team and also an MVP to prove the viability of the solution, but don’t leave filling the application for Monday afternoon. The deadline is 1600 Finnish time and in addition to 1-2 pager on your problem and solution, the questionnaire about the team members skills and experiences can easily take several hours to fill.



The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has launched a challenge prize to tackle challenges related to the recognition of competences and their better utilisation.

Ratkaisu 100 Challenge’s call for applications is now open. Come up with a good idea, put your team together and apply by 1600 Helsinki time February 13.